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Thursday, August 3, 2017

20th Eigasai Japanese Film Festival is Happening on August 24-27 at SM City Bacolod

EIGASAI is the annual Japanese Film Festival held in the Philippines. It is presented and run by the Japan Foundation, Manila and in celebration of the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month. It is one of the largest and popular film festivals attracting over 20,000 audiences every year across the Philippines, showcasing a vast variety of cinematic delights from drama, romance, anime to recently released films in Japan. 

This year, it is happening across the country in 6 major cities including the City of Smiles - Bacolod. During the festival, Bacolod residents and those in nearby areas are invited to enjoy a FREE screening at SM City on August 24-27, 2017. 

Here is the list of the complete movie line-up:

  • Her Love Boils Bathwater

  • The Long Excuse

  • The Magnificent Nine

  • Tsukiji Wonderland

  • What a Wonderful Family!
  • Creepy
  • Chihayafuru Part.1
  • Chihayafuru Part.2
  • Sweet Bean (An)
  • The Anthem of the Heart
  • The Mohican Comes Home
  • Bakuman 
You read more about the movies that are going to be shown via this link. So, don't miss the chance to learn more about contemporary Japanese cinema, arts and culture. For the complete screening schedule, click here. Seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Also, Japan Foundation, Manila and their sponsor, Canon Philippines are running a contest exclusive to residents of Bacolod where you can win a special prize plus limited edition EIGASAI polo shirt. Campaign will run until August 24, noon. You can check out the full details here.


  1. I always like to watch Japanese films.Those are with really classic stories.Seems this film festival is a great opportunity to experience part of the Japanese culture.Hope you will enjoy visiting the festival.

  2. I used to go to different film festivals. I enjoy watching them as I get to learn their culture and also how they life live. It is good to know there are a lot of film festivals that offer free screening, only that you have to wait on the line.