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Monday, July 31, 2017

Top 5 Hair Problems and Suggested Solutions

It has been said that the hair is a person's "crowning glory." May it be long, short, curly, or straight, the hair plays a major part of one's identity and character. It is the main reason why it is given due importance and the strong need to take good care of it. However, no matter how much we give our best, hair problems still arise. 

Here are the Top 5 Hair Problems and Suggested Solutions: 

1. Hair Loss or Excessive Hair Fall - This is one of the most common hair problems experienced by both men and women. This is attributed to a variety of causes such as stress, pregnancy, too much vitamin A, lack of iron and protein and in serious cases, autoimmune diseases such as alopecia and lupus. Certain medications and chemotherapy are also known to cause hair loss. 

Suggested Solutions: Depending on the cause, one can consider these solutions to address the problem:
  • For stress, having enough sleep is helpful since sleeping allows hair to repair and regenerate.
  • It is also very important to get the proper nutrition since having healthy hair and scalp is dependent on what the person eats. Iron and protein-rich food can help strengthen one's hair. 
  • For pregnancy-related hair loss, one can expect to see improvements after giving birth. 
  • If it is caused by alopecia, lupus or other serious medical condition, it is highly recommended for one to see a health professional for appropriate intervention. 

2. Hair Damage - Too much sun exposure and extremely high temperature brought by hairdryers can take their toll on one's hair strands. The heat drains the moisture of one's hair causing breakage or split ends. For swimmers and people who love going to the beach, exposure to chlorine and saltwater can also pose serious hair damage. Over styling, perming and the use of other hair chemicals are also known causes. 

Suggested Solutions: Look for a gentle shampoo and a conditioner that can help infuse moisture. Minimizing the use of hairdryers, hair irons and products that are made of strong chemicals also helps. To protect one's hair and scalp, the use of a hat to avoid direct sun exposure is recommended. For swimmers, one can opt to use a bathing cap to protect one's hair. 

3.  Dry Scalp and Dandruff - Dry scalp is a condition when the skin has too little moisture which irritates the scalp and causing it to flake off. Dandruff, on the other hand, is caused by too much oil on the scalp which causes skin cells to build up and then shed more quickly than usual. 

Suggested Solutions: Use a shampoo that is specifically made to address dry scalp and dandruff problems. You can check the complete list of the best shampoos for dry scalp and dandruff, here. After using a medicated shampoo for a month but the scalp's condition does not improve, it is highly recommended for one to see a doctor to possibly rule out other skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema. 

4. Premature Graying- Though gray hair is associated with aging, this also occurs in younger individuals who are in their early 20s. According to WebMD, premature graying occurs when color-producing cells stop producing pigment. Recent studies show that stress is not the number one factor causing it but it is caused more by a genetic or vitamin deficiency problem.

Suggested Solutions: To address vitamin deficiency, take vitamin B12 supplements. It is also recommended to increase the intake of food high in vitamin B12 such as red meat, liver, mackerel, shrimps, mussels, and egg. Temporarily, one can also opt to conceal gray hair through the hair coloring treatments or hair highlighters. 

5. Head Lice and Nits - This problem occurs irrespective of age or gender but it is most common to children aged 3-14. Head lice are wingless insects that are living off through the human's blood from the scalp. They reproduce so quickly by laying eggs called nits. Among all the hair care problems, head lice infestation is the most serious since it is highly contagious. Thus, it is must be addressed as soon as possible. 

Suggested Solutions: The use of a nit comb and nitpicking is the most effective way to get rid of head lice. In case one does not have the time to do so, home remedies such as the use of vinegar and mineral oil mixture can be an alternative solution. It is fairly easy and effective. There are also medicated shampoos for head lice available in the market. 

How about you? Do you know any other solutions to these common hair care problems?


  1. Great suggestions on avoiding/remedying these hair issues. I've had my hair colored a few times in the past, and it got quite dry after a while, not to mention the sudden sprouting of split ends. Having treatment applied to your hair for health purposes really does magic. I think I overheard someone using raw eggs and mayo on their hair as treatment. Haven't tried so I don't know if it actually works!

  2. OMG. I've been having hair issues ever since I hit puberty!!! My hair has always been dry, frizzy and many hair stylists have given up on me. Hahaha. Right now, to top it off I have major problems with hair fall. It's a little alarming how much comes off everytime i brush my hair! Will try taking iron supplements. Thanks for the tip!

  3. These are some great suggestions for taking care of your hair and make sure you maintain it healthy. I dye my hair and I know how important it is to wash it with a professional shampoo that won't strip the color out. Unfortunately most of the cheap shampoos on the market will do this. I think it is also important to treat your hair with a nutritional mask once a week, it really makes wonders in keeping it shiny and healthy.

  4. Castor Oil actually helps a lot with hair loss! I have my boyfriend use it and it does works wonder. You just have to be dedicated in applying it daily.

  5. Interesting read and suggestions. And I am definitely number 1! There are days like they shed big time which is scary. But also an indication that I need to slow down and re-evaluate my wellness.

  6. My current hair problem is still hair loss. I have not yet recovered since I gave birth and started breastfeeding all my 3 kids. I am now trying shampoos with aloe vera. I tried Pantene before that's formulated to counter hair loss. Sadly, it really hasn't helped a lot.

  7. Oh this is very informative. Hairfall and premature graying were the major hair problems ive been experiencing right now. And the hair fall problem became worse now that im pregnant. Back then even during my college days its always annoying that i had to deal with too much hair fall after every bath which i thought was just normal. Now that ive aged im having gray hairs and i cant understand why at such young age im only in my early 30s! Sigh :(

  8. I think most of the problems listed above, I am facing them. It's seriously bugging me that no matter what I do, excessive hairfall and dandruff is a problem. I started using apple cider vinegar as a remedy for dandruff and it worked, it also smoothed my hair because it's so freezy. Well, thank you very much for sharing these tips, very informative and very helpful.

  9. I would say I have this excessive hair fall problem as well, especially when applying conditioner. Sleep is a great remedy for that, thank you for pointing it out and putting it on the top list. Split ends is also a problem for me so I made sure to cut my hair at least once a inch or two.

  10. Damaged hair is my problem. At a young age,I already started doing things to my hair: dyeing, bleaching, ironing. Now I am more careful about how I take care of my hair. I just use a gentle shampoo and conditioner and wash it everyday or every other day. I can't color my hair coz I'm pregnant but I'm hoping to get a hot oil treatment after I give birth

  11. Wow well enumerated and presented. Damaged hair is a cause of huge worry to me. And that in turn is leading to grey hair. This is cyclic. Thanks for the remedies suggested. I am going to take them seriously.