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Sunday, September 17, 2017

What is your Love Language?

Love is something that is so broad that it's subject to multiple interpretation, definition, and manifestation. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, people speak and understand emotional love in different ways. 

One is the through verbal compliments, appreciation, and affirmation such as saying "I love you" or "You are beautiful." Others express their love through visible symbols of love such as gift giving where people manifest thoughtfulness through material things.  

Some express their love through acts of service like cooking a meal or preparing their loved one's needs. This may be considered a role or a chore but if done wholeheartedly and in a positive mindset, these are indeed expressions of love.

Physical intimacy or touch is also a way communicating affection. For married couples, holding hands, kissing and embracing are very common love languages. 

Lastly, spending quality time is another great way to express love. However, this love language has been commonly taken for granted given that we have our fast-paced lives. 

This is something that Val and I realized when we were still in Metro Manila. We were so preoccupied with work and everyday stress such as traffic and chores that we stopped spending quality time with each other. 

Since then, we started having pampering sessions together. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider: 

A relaxing Mani and Pedi trip at Nailaholics. 

Spending time in this urban nail salon and spa provides couples with a distinct pampering experience. They have exceptional services and treatments that will surely give you a stress-free experience. If you are in Bacolod, Nailaholics is located at 3rd floor, North Wing, SM City Bacolod. 

If you don't feel like getting your nails done, we also recommend their foot spa and foot massage treatments. 

Feel Good and Be Beautiful Dates. 

I have been telling Val that he is my reflection and I am his. As partners, we must look out for each other's welfare. We have to remind each other to never forget taking care of ourselves. Thus, some of our quality time together is spent when we either get a haircut or perhaps a waxing session. 

In SM City Bacolod, the stores of Hey Sugar and Sports Barbers is right next to each. This makes it very ideal that while I get my waxing treatment at Hey Sugar, Val can get his haircut and favorite back massage from his expert barber, Alex at Sports Barbers. 

How about you what is your love language? Keep in mind that regardless of our choice, what's important is that we are able to give and feel love. 

P.S. Want to spend quality time with your loved ones? Don't miss the National Pampering Day on October 17, 2017 in ALL NAILAHOLICS BRANCHES NATIONWIDE. Enjoy a choice of FREE Manicure, Foot Spa or Foot Massage from 10AM - 1PM. 

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