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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Why is Online Marketing Important?

Online Marketing is defined as advertising or marketing efforts that use the web, social media platforms, and emails to drive sales or leads via electronic commerce.

In today's market, online marketing is considered to be a must for businesses no matter how big or small. It has proven to be crucial to the success and survival of one's company or brand. 

Here are some reasons why online marketing should be a key priority for businesses: 

1. Customers prefer to research or search online for products and services before making a decision. The internet is now the primary source for individuals to discover what to do, where to go and buy. 

2. Having an online identity adds credibility to the brand and company. Whether you create a website or a Facebook account, being visible online provides the customer with the confidence that one is real and current. 

3. Online channels help provide a better customer experience. It provides faster and more convenient transactions. It also helps customers stay connected with the brand. 

4. Due to the pandemic, more than 70% of the transactions are done online so, it's no longer practical to stick with the traditional brick and mortar stores. 

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