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Friday, January 25, 2019

Why Do We Need to Take a Break and Recharge?

This is one of my favorite quotes from Anne Lamott. Whether we are living a fast-paced life or a routinary and boring one, it is very important that we get out of the circle and take a break. Everyone is believed to function and perform better after getting a recharge. 

Thus, here are some simple tips on how we can recharge our energy and improve our personal well-being: 

1. Be Active and Exercise

When you exercise, happy chemicals called Dopamine are released into our brain. It is a neurotransmitter in the brain that's necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness making one feel good. It is also known to help one feel less stressed. So, sweat all your worries out of your system. 

2. Be with Nature

Whether you opt for the mountains and lush greenery or the beach, spending time in nature is an effective way to de-stress. Take time to appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings, enjoy the fresh air and listen to the calming sound of the waves or the chirping of the birds. 

3. Go Offline

This is actually a bit of a challenge for online workers like me. It is hard since most of us are so used to checking our mobile devices out of a habit. However, according to studies, one can find himself more productive after taking an offline break. It is suggested to set our phone on airplane mode so that we can still use its other functions like the camera. 

4. Get Pampered 

A simple manicure, foot massage or a trip to the spa can make a huge difference. This is the main reason why Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa celebrates the National Pampering Day annually where customers were treated to a FREE manicure, foot spa or foot massage. 

According to Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head of Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa, “Filipinos are very hardworking in any given aspect of our lives and a nation of energetic and industrious people best deserves real pampering once in a while. This year, as Nailaholics celebrates the 2nd National Pampering Day, we go deeper and dedicate this to everyone and remind them to take it slow, take it easy, zone out and relax for a while."

Luckily, Val and I were able to join this year's celebration since there was no work due to the transport strike. Val opted to get a foot massage while I opted for a manicure. It was indeed a good way to recharge under the care of Nailaholic's friendly nail technicians.

In case you are wondering, Nailaholics is located at the 3rd Floor, SM City Bacolod Northwing. For the complete list of their branches, click here.

How about you? Were you able to join the National Pampering Day celebration?


  1. Recharging, I believe, will make us more productive as we've got substantial rest to keep us going. Likewise, we feel happy inside as it is not only our weary soul that took some me time but also our physical body. We need pampering once in a while. I like your list on how to recharge. I hope I could find time to even take a decent sleep.

  2. Oh this is what i always do! In fact before working on this comment ex thread i took a 2hour nap and it feels so good! Recharging makes ones mind and body feel energized again. And if there's one thing that you need to start over, recharge first and its gonna be a good start for your neurons to work excellently once again. :)

  3. My kind of re-charge is watching movies, binge watching youtube videos and eating a lot. These are my ways to release stress and re-charge. Working is very exhausting, so it's necessary to take a break or small breaks every once in a while. :)