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Friday, January 25, 2019

Bacolod's Freelancers Hub: Dojo 8 Coliving Space

Coworking spaces are very important to freelancers like me. If you are not so sure what I am talking about, a coworking space is a place with a shared working environment like an office or something like a study area at home. The only difference is that the people using it are usually not employed by the same company or organization. 

Though there are a lot of variations in terms of the ambiance or atmosphere, a strong and fast internet connection, as well as a reliable generator (in case of power outages), are constant in coworking spaces.

I was still in Manila when I started using coworking spaces. There is no doubt that the availability of these work areas has saved me every time there are power outages or internet failure and I cannot afford to miss work. Thus, when we moved to Bacolod, it was one of the things I looked for ASAP. 

Luckily, we were able to find Dojo 8 Coworking Spaces. It is located at Lacson Street, Bacolod near Starbucks Lacson. The place is very accessible and rates are really cheap. Not to mention they offer unlimited coffee. Then earlier this year, they opened their second branch at the back of Bar 21 named Dojo 8 Coliving Spaces.  By the way, this is not a sponsored post.

Dojo 8 Coliving Spaces is not your typical coworking space. So, let me share with you the top 5 things why it is so popular among freelancers and students. 

1. Overnight Accommodation - Dojo 8 have rooms available in case you need to stay overnight. They are very spacious, clean and affordable. It is also very ideal for travelers who still need to work and can't really rely on their hotel's wifi service. My friends from Dumaguete stayed at Dojo 8 for quite a number of times and they love it. 

2. Location - They are located in the heart of Bacolod City. As mentioned, they are at the back of Bar 21, a restaurant that provides a fusion of Filipino delicacies combined with Italian and American favorites (You can read about our Bar 21 Review here) and Bob's Cafe just across the street. There is also a Japanese restaurant a few steps away. 

3. Recreational  Facilities and Fun Environment - Dojo 8 provides ping pong tables and other outdoor games. They also have the garden area and some chairs outside which means that you have options on where you want to stay. You're not just limited to an air-conditioned room sitting on a chair. 

4. Pet-Friendly - As a fur parent, this meant a lot to me. At Dojo 8, you can work while your dogs play on the lawn. No need to leave our furbabies alone at home. Thus, I am looking forward to bring Crumpy, Cheesecake, and Cinderella soon. (I am thinking if we would be allowed to visit together or there is a limit on the number of dogs one can bring.) 

5. Events - Dojo 8 Coliving Spaces is now central to freelancer events here in Bacolod. They hold both free and paid seminars and workshops. Last January 2016, they had the HOW TO START A HOME-BASED CAREER SEMINAR organized by The Purple Secretary and last May 12, the Freelancer Meet-up organized by the Digital Career Advocates of the Philippines. 

And aside from all of these, I love working at Dojo 8 because you get to be surrounded by like-minded people who want to be productive.

So, don't forget to follow Dojo 8 Coliving Spaces on Facebook for event updates and promotions. How about you? Do you have your own favorite freelancer spot? 


  1. Such work spaces are really helpful. Unexpected work load can require a night stay and this seems to be well taken care of. And I am pleasantly surprised that they have thought of pets too. Great place.

  2. I have not got a freelancer spot yet:( I love the idea of being a freelancer though! But the farthest I have gone till now, is to Starbucks, where I ALWAYS run into some of the like minded people from various backgrounds :)

  3. When I first saw this, I was so excited because at first I thought it's here in MNL. I mean, with all the coworking spaces here and there, sometimes an overnight stay would be one of the best. But, I kinda got sad because it's some place else. Nevertheless, it's a good thing to know that freelancers there can now have a conducive place to work not just cafes.

  4. I love co-living spaces such as this! I hope there's one in Mania! But glad to have it there in Bacolod as it means more and more places answer the demand in co living spaces. Good for freelancers and more!

  5. Ohhh.. I am not a freelancer but I know how it feels as sometimes when I get my wfh sched, I look for a comfortable place to work at. And most of time, I end up at Coffeeshops. hehe. This is a great idea as freelancers and digital nomads are starting to become the trend.

  6. Cool! My day job is housed in a co-working space too. However, the overnight accommodation and pet-friendly environment at Dojo 8 are for the win. I don't think any co-working space in the Manila has those.

    Speaking of pets, it was so funny last night that we thought there's a cat in the office, but we're on the 8th floor! Apparently, it's just a video of a cat. I'd love to bring a cat in the office if I could!

  7. Oh what a cool place! Im honestly new to the idea of co-working spaces as i haven't gone into freelancing yet. Living here in the province like Batangas, places like this are so limited and almost not yet a trend. This seems to be very helpful and efficient for people like you!

  8. I've heard of co-working space before.As I am also a freelancer,I was thinking of having a co working space for me.It seems Dojo 8 provides more facilities for freelancers.The facility of having freelancer events is really great!

  9. Cool! I've never heard about coworking spaces. My idea was just going to coffee or tea shops and just worked there because of the wifi. Whenever I have so many things in my hand, I always try to go to those places because when I'm at home, my task is to immediately attend to my son's needs. I hope we get to have the same co-working space here in our province.

  10. This is so great! I would really love it if such a coworking spaces existed here in my country. Most of all, I love their creating seminars for the beginners. Dojo 8 is an excellent way for any freelancer to be more productive. I wish them a lot of success in the future.

  11. I wish we had coworking spaces here in Naga too! My friends and I are thinking of starting a similar business, but we're a bit wary in terms of how sellable it is to our crowd. :) I want to try that out as it seems like a really cool place!

  12. So glad to know that they allow pets to come inside with their owners.