Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Why Should You Start Using Infrared Sauna?

Let's face it - people are so busy and living a fast-paced life that for some, it is a jungle out there! The daily grind is just too stressful. 
The good news is we can still live a happy, healthy, successful and fulfilling life with just a bit of ingenuity and inside information. One of the best-kept secrets for overall health maintenance out there today is the consistent use of an infrared sauna.

An infrared sauna is considered to be a dry sauna which produces heat through electromagnetic radiation heaters, either combination carbon and ceramic, or one of each, that range in temperature from 120 degrees F to 157 degrees F. These saunas heat the air surrounding the person, thus raising the core body temperature resulting in the many health benefits associated with infrared heat. It is a comfortable heat resulting in many health benefits when used consistently. 

Infrared therapy is beneficial to both your mind, body, and spirit. There are multiple advantages of a daily session in an infrared sauna. Those using infrared swear they could not live without their daily routine as it helps to maintain overall excellent health, reduces and controls stress and allows for a peaceful nights rest. When you are healthy, not stressed and sleep well you enjoy an agreeable attitude and a great outlook on life.

Some of the many health benefits while using an infrared sauna are specific. For instance not only does infrared sauna therapy relieve pain, on most levels, it aids in overall outward skin health and appearance. The ability of infrared to detoxify the entire body by simulating a ‘false’ fever also assists in a passive exercise which helps in maintaining a healthy body mass. Infrared heat boosts positive feelings, greatly reduces stress and encourages an extremely favorable mental outlook and attitude. 

The heat from infrared saunas relieves pain in the body's joints and muscles. Infrared heat expands blood vessels promoting superior circulation. This improved circulation carries supplemental oxygen to over-worked or injured areas and it also reduces pain even as it accelerates healing. Infrared heat causes productive perspiration and is the avenue toxins use for release from your body. Sweat expels dirt, toxins, and chemicals which aid in purifying your pores and removing dead skin cells from your body. Daily use truly results in an improved complexion along with much softer and glowing skin.


Infrared saunas also stimulate the body’s natural mechanism that fights infection and viruses. It does this by raising core body temperature, inducing a ‘false’ fever; an artificial state of fever. When this occurs, it stimulates the infection-fighting benefits of a true fever by heating the body all done without an actual fever or feeling ill. Also due to the increased circulation and oxygenation of healthy blood the body's heart rate increases and the heart is stimulated and metabolism is energized as if you have taken a brisk walk. Add to that, as blood vessels expand and circulation improves, there is the additional benefit of lowering the body’s blood pressure. The body regulates it’s temperature through this process while purging excess toxins found in the fat cells, surplus fat, salt and additional water. This can lead to a reduction in weight over a period of time.

Sweating, while in an infrared sauna, is our body’s prime way of discharging the many toxins bombarding it on a daily basis. What we eat, drink, breathe and absorb is expelled through this intense perspiration. It is one of the natural ways to purge impurities such as heavy metals, toxic food, bad air and other controlled substances such as alcohol, nicotine and even prescription medications. Also, the warm, gentle heat within an infrared sauna gently relaxes muscles, tendons and joints releasing stress from an overworked mind. When stress is lessened overall health greatly improves. Infrared heat is one of the most natural ways to enjoy relief from stress. Sleep tremendously improves and resulting in a better attitude and a more positive outlook on life. 

For optimum results, don't forget to combine your time in the sauna with meditation. You can use your own routine or an app such as Headspace. It offers a great ten minute guided meditation. The many benefits of infrared sauna therapy are empirical. From stress relief to detoxification, weight loss, and pain reduction, consistent use of infrared heat pretty much guarantees positive results. Let this be the new secret weapon against stress and illness and find the work and life balance that you deserve. 


  1. I must admit that I have never used infrared saunas before. I was quite suspicious about them and how they affect one's health. So I am quite surprised that they are not simply safe but also beneficial. Perhaps my often back pain will finally let me live.

  2. Oh how I wish I again lived in a place that had infrared saunas. I've long be a fan of them and there health benefits although for now I am forced to settle for the simple dry sauna.

  3. I don't think I have ever used an infrared sauna before. However I do use the classic dry sauna from my gym every day, after swimming, and I have noticed the benefits on the body. The heat definitely helps the muscles to relax and the skin to look much better.

  4. It's cool to read info like this. I actually just heard about infrared sauna from you. I have no idea what this is all about. Would like to experience it for myself one day.

  5. I haven't heard of infrared saunas yet. The only sauna I know are the ones where you'll put on eucalyptus or liquids on some hot fire or fire pit. I actually believe that saunas are good for anyone. Before when I used to hit the gym, I always try to visit the sauna almost all the time. But are these available here?

  6. Honestly, this is something new to me. I even thought infrared in all its form is something harmful. Good thing ive read about it here, I am reoriented of its benefits.

  7. I too must admit this concept of infra red sauna is completely new to me. From the benefits you have highlighted it seems like a good option. But I doubt I have seen this in any of the traditional spas here. Must check this out. Thanks for the info.

  8. Frankly had never heard of this before. But reading about its benefits, it sure deserves a try!

  9. Interestingly, I have never been to a Sauna in my entire life and I am really eager to find out how it feels like being in there. I also heard the fact that sauna has many health benefits and also promotes weight lost. The injury recovery and pain relief benefits sounds new to me and it's very interesting and surprising!

  10. I don't have such infrared sauna experience.But,I've read lot about benefit of infrared sauna.A simple spa experience also give me comfort.So,I know this is something to experience for the benefit of health improvement.

  11. The sauna I've tried before it the one that is works similar to steam bath. It's my first time hearing about Infrared Sauna. Good to know about its health benefits. Can you recommend any spa here in the Philippines that offers such service?


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