Friday, August 14, 2015

Same Dog, Different Owner

I have always believed that a dog's life is dependent on its owner. The same dog may look different given a different owner. Some are lucky to have such good parents that treat them as family while others have owners who are just good at the beginning and simply abandon them as they age or get sick. 

As an animal welfare advocate, we had always encouraged genuine dog lovers to adopt rather than shop. A massive campaign to give these poor furbabies another shot in life. Hoping that they can truly find their happy ever after with their new owner.

On a personal note, I honestly do not want another pet to take care of. I understand the big responsibility it entails. From the basic needs such as food and water to medical and emotional needs, being a furparent is not an easy job. I was contented being a mom to Crumpy. 

Little did I know that another dog would be part of our lives and we named her Cheesecake (because she looks like an Oreo cheesecake.) 

Photo: after we gave her a haircut and a bath

This little girl was an abandoned dog roaming around the streets. She was very dirty, smelly and full of fleas when we got her. Not to mention starving too. It was a pity to just look at her and thus, even without plans, we knew we can't just leave her alone and we decided to bring her home. 

We posted a lost and found ad to see if she had a previous owner however, for more than a month no one claimed her. We are thinking that she might have been abandoned. We brought her to the vet and she was diagnosed with eye infection. She had been whining for a couple of days and not really eating well so, there is a big possibility that she is seriously ill and we are just waiting for other laboratory results to check her medical condition. 

I realized that the hardest part of taking care of a rescue dog is that we do not have any history of her. We do not even know how old is she and we are just guessing everything. The only thing I am certain about is that Cheesecake deserves another and better shot in life. 

Please help us pray for her fast recovery. 

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