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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Somerset Olympia Makati: A Pet-Friendly Serviced Residence Celebrates Its First Puppy Hour

One of the most common dilemmas of furparents like me is the idea of leaving our pets when traveling. To be honest, I am really not comfortable about leaving Crumpy thus, it's either I bring him along if we get to find a place where pets are allowed or just simply cancel the trip.  

So far, we were lucky to find pet-friendly accommodation in Cebu, Kalibo, and Tagaytay. Thus, I was very excited and happy to learn about Ascott Limited's Somerset Olympia Makati. 

Ms. Susan Salcedo, The Ascott Limited Philippines’ City Manager said, “Because there are only a few pet-friendly properties in the hospitality industry in our country, Somerset Olympia Makati offers a home for your pets”

Aside from offering a home to our dear furbabies, The Ascott Limited's Somerset Olympia Makati also celebrated its first Puppy Hour last April 30, 2019. 

In line with the international celebration of the pet month, Somerset Olympia Makati celebrated the value of pet ownership that brought together dog owners, bloggers and a non-profit organization in raising awareness for a good cause. 

The participants had a chance to tour around the facilities of the serviced-residence together with their dogs as Somerset Olympia Makati is the first pet-friendly property of The Ascott Limited in the Philippines.

The said event also discussed the current state of the lives of military working dogs (MWD) and contract working dogs (CWD) in the Philippines through the invited guest speakers and founders of Hound Haven Philippines, Maxin Arcebal, CEO and Chelsea Pecson, COO.

The success of Puppy Hour was made possible by its partners namely Fur Magic, Sleeky, St. Roche, Nutram, Bow House, Pet Express, Vitality, and Whole Pet Kitchen.

The Ascott Limited's Somerset Olympia Makati is definitely not just your mere serviced-residence. It is perfect for those travelers or families who would not want to leave their pets in the corners of their homes like me. 

So, I guess we're off to Metro Manila soon and now, I can bring Crumpy with me when I attend the Global Authors Summit in November. 

Who's up for a doggie play date in Makati? 


  1. This is a really good cause to celebrate. Great to know about pet friendly places to stay in during trips. The fact that they went ahead and dedicated an hour to these pets is had a great time it seems

  2. Some of our friends travel with their pets and I know they've struggled to find truly pet friendly places to stay. Somerset Olympia Makati looks like a great choice in the Philippines for those who want their pets properly pampered!

  3. This is the cutest thing I have come across lately. It is nice to know about the pet-friendly property in Makati. I am sure it's going to be very useful for the pet owners. Thanks for the share.

  4. This is nice to know. Though I like animals, I love traveling more than that and traveling with animals is not easy at all.
    I'm super happy to know about the service of Somerset Olympia Makati.

  5. Now pet owners know where to go when in Manila.

    It's good to know that your pets can relax and have fun too even when your away from home. Surely, they'll have a great time in Somerset Olympia Makati.

  6. Yes, agree this is the most common worry about where to place beloved pets during travel. I do hope it becomes a trend and more countries and cities will adopt this. From your article , it seems that the Somerset Olympia's motive is to provide a better life quality for the animals and that is a rare find.