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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pet Friendly Inn in Kalibo, Aklan

Our land travel from Manila to Bacolod by land was such a long trip that we decided to spend one night in Kalibo. Every parent's concern when traveling with their furbabies is that we do not have a lot of pet-friendly hotels and inns available in the country. 

Given that our overnight stay was not really planned, I was not able to make any reservations nor even research a place where they would allow Crumpy to stay. I was just praying and wishing that we could find a place where dogs are allowed. We were so tired from the 18-hour trip and we badly need a place to crash. 

Good thing, we saw the Garcia Legaspi Mansion Tourist Inn. It is not really a fancy place to stay but rather it is quite old already. Its location was great because it's in the heart of the downtown area. You can easily spot the place because it's just in the main street after you pass by the famous Kalibo bridge. It is beside Andok's which is open 24 hours so, you get to have decent food anytime you need without going far. 

We got a room good for 3 persons for Php 1,350. I wanted an extra bed for Crumpy. The room was fully equipped with hot and cold shower, cable TV, aircon and comfortable beds. It was just what my little family needed. 

It even has a small nook where we had our meal. 

Recommendation: If you are looking for an affordable place to rest or if you have your pets with you then you might want to consider this tourist inn. The staff are very friendly. The only problem was that they do not have ample parking space. But generally, we had a good stay enough to energize us for the next day's trip. 

Garcia Legaspi Mansion Tourist Inn
1061 Roxas Avenue, Poblacion Kalibo, Aklan
(036) 2625588

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