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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

How to Prevent Heatstroke in Dogs?

The summer heat is definitely here. Everybody is just posting and shouting out in their social media accounts how hot it is nowadays. 

According to PAGASA, the heat index registered at 39 degrees last March 8 and 9. In this case, we are advised to be careful as extreme heat can affect not just us but our dogs and other pets as well. 

Based on studies, more than 100 deaths of dogs is reported every year due to heatstroke. This condition happens when our dogs are unable to regulate their body temperature. Early signs include inability or unwillingness to move around. Other signs of heatstroke in dogs include drooling, reddened gums, vomiting, diarrhea, mental dullness or loss of consciousness, uncoordinated movement, and collapse.

We may not be able to control the temperature however, we can still do something to prevent heatstroke from happening to us and our dogs. Here are reminders to all pet owners: 

1. Always make sure your pets have available clean drinking water to avoid dehydration. 

2. Make sure they are not directly under the sun. 

3. If you leave them inside the room alone with no cooling device (e.g. fan, aircon) make sure that you leave a wet towel where they can lie down on. You can also leave the windows open if that's possible. 

4. Give more frequent baths. 

5. Keep in mind our pets are highly prone to heatstroke.

We must all remember that if we find it hot, so do our pets. Let us all be responsible pet owners, share the word and let's go for zero casualty due to heatstroke this summer. 


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  2. Very useful tips and very much needed. I have two senior dogs and I am always cautious during hot summer days, they definitely need more water esp during the walkies and bathing should be more frequent.