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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Book Review: Woman of Faith by Karen Agreda – Cabunilas

It was an ordinary Wednesday night and I have a new book in the mail. Being the typical me, I excitedly opened the package to check. I planned to just browse through the pages quickly however, I really had no intention to read that night as I was so busy with tasks.

Little did I know I couldn't put down the book and finished reading it in one sitting. 

Woman of Faith is not your typical inspirational book but rather it is a genuine testimony of a strong and faithful woman who went through a lot of challenges and hardships, how she and her family were able to hold on to their faith to withstand all the trials and enjoy the blessings they have received today. 

One thing that is unique about this book is that it has a lot of bible verses. The author responded to their life's trials with prayer and unwavering faith. She generously shared her favorite bible verses and how God's words have given them strength all throughout the years. 

What I love about the book? It is such an easy read as if you are just talking to a friend. Her story is not something that is too good to be true but rather it is something genuine. Many of the author's life experiences are relatable one way or another. As a reader, you will laugh and cry as you read. 

Through this book, Author Karen Agreda - Cabunilas shared the gift of hope to the world. The book also celebrates family, friendship, love, and God's miracles -- everything that makes life worth living for. 

Thus, if you are someone who’s going through a difficult time right now, this book is for you. 

If you are someone who has big dreams but thinks that it is impossible, this book is for you.

About the Author

Karen Agreda - Cabunilas is a woman who strived hard to achieve her dreams. She started from scratch and all she had in hand was her faith. From being an online seller, she is now the owner and CEO of her own company, JKAR Realty, and Consultancy. Her husband, on the other hand, owns and manages his growing construction company and handles several branches of their hardware supplies store. To date, they own several businesses and properties that they did not even imagine having. From nothing, they are now enjoying all their answered prayers with faith in their hearts. 

Through this book, the author wants to share what our faith can do. 

She is also the author behind the blog, Karenspirations


Title: Woman of Faith
Author: Karen Agreda-Cabunilas
Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc.
ISBN: 978-621-02-1208-2
No. of Pages: 119
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Edition: 2020
Binding: Softbound

You may order your copy through Central Books

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  1. You’ve sold me on reading the book. Thanks for the great recommendation.