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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Lumina Goes All-Digital and Future-Ready for Homebuyers and Sellers

Many businesses have been forced to halt operations temporarily, and in the worst-case scenario, completely shut down due to the health crisis. Given the circumstances, the present situation has also compelled businesses to adopt remote work environments and develop coping business strategies.

The majority of interactions with clients and employees must be virtual in the new normal, where physical separation is required. Given the circumstances, conducting business through mobile and online transactions is one of the most advantageous ways to continue doing so despite restrictions and quarantines.

Lumina Homes, Vista Land's affordable housing arm, seeks solutions to the crisis.

With its digital innovations, Lumina Homes is a future-ready real estate developer and one of the first real estate companies to have ready technology to offer homebuyers in the Philippines and abroad a safer and all-digital home buying experience.

Here are some of the digital innovations developed by Lumina Homes to make their services and the home-buying process easier and more accessible to every Juan, whenever, and wherever homebuyers require it.

Explore Lumina Homes in 3D 

Without leaving your seat, you can take a virtual tour of your future home. Explore Lumina Homes in 3D! All you have to do is visit Lumina Homes' official website and go to the homepage and browse for Virtual Tours of:

  • Aimee Rowhouse is a 22 square meter home with a provision for one-bedroom and a minimum lot area of 36 square meters.
  • Angelique Home Model is a 35 square meter home with provision for two bedrooms and a minimum lot area of 36 square meters. Angelique Home Model is also available in Townhouse and Duplex type of house.
  • Angeli Home Model is a 42 square meter home with provision for three bedrooms and a minimum lot area of 36 square meters. Angeli Home Model is available in Townhouse, Duplex, and Single Firewall type of house.
  • Signature showcase area of Lumina Homes that includes a preview of what a typical Lumina Homes community looks like. 

Lumina Homes Online

Lumina Homes Online is a one-stop home reservation site where homebuyers can search for currently offered house-and-lot units and pay the reservation fee with a debit or credit card, GCash, or over-the-counter.

Lumina Homes Online, launched in 2017 for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) customer and the working-class who are just too busy to visit a Lumina Homes site has now developed into a valuable resource for both sellers and property investors as the pandemic remains to restrict physical transactions.

Lumina Homes in Online Shopping Sites

Lumina Homes continue to grow by leveraging digital innovation and the popularity of e-commerce services. 

It acknowledges the increased development and technological demand and represents a significant milestone in the real estate industry. Lumina Homes has an official store on Shopee as well as Lazada. 

Lumina Online Payment

The Lumina Online Payment is a site that allows homebuyers to easily settle their Lumina home dues utilizing online banking, credit cards powered by Pesopay, and digital wallets like AllEasy and GCash. The payment portal also displays all other reliable online payment channels, as well as step-by-step guidelines.

Lumina Online University

Lumina Online University is a training portal that provides sales training for Lumina Homes' sales partner networks.

At Lumina Homes, the perspective of the sellers is just as important as the journey of the buyers. Lumina Homes intends to support its sales network in adjusting to the changes of the real estate market, ensuring that they are exceptionally stable and persistent in their shared goal of providing affordable homes, even though we face challenging days as a result of the pandemic.

Lumina Online Appointment

The Lumina Online Appointment Scheduler makes office visits more convenient. 

When you book an appointment online for the contract signing, document submission, and other services, you can avoid the lines and save time!

Lumina E-text

Lumina e-Text is a text messaging service that responds to specific types of inquiries using keyword templates. Customers can now expect an immediate response by following the below SMS inquiry template and send to (0919) 072-1399 or (0917) 818-1875. Text messaging fees will apply as usual.


  • For outstanding balance inquiry, text LUMINABILL<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINABILL 2500000000
  • For reference numbers needed when paying through local payment centers, text LUMINAREFNUM<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINAREFNUM 2500000000
  • For the list of payment channels available, text LUMINAPAYCTR<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINAPAYCTR 2500000000
  • For inquiry of last posted or credited payment, text LUMINALASTPAY <space> 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINALAST PAY 2500000000
  • For total payments you have made, text LUMINATOTALPMT <space> 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINATOTALPMT 2500000000
  • For updating your mobile number on Lumina Homes' system, text LUMINAMOBILE<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER <space>11-DIGIT NEW MOBILE NUMBER. Example: LUMINAMOBILE 2500000000 09171234567
  • For updating your email address on Lumina Homes’ system, text LUMINAEMAIL<space>10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER <space>NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. Example: LUMINAEMAIL 2500000000

With Lumina e-Text, Lumina provides its customers with an additional and faster method of accessing and updating their account information.

Lumina Admin Virtual Assistant

Meet Juan, Kabarangay! 

No need to visit, stand in line, and proceed to the nearest Lumina Homes Office for your immediate concerns! 

Lumina Homes created Juan Support to prioritize the safety and convenience of Lumina Homeowners. Juan, your virtual admin assistant who is always able to answer your housing questions like:


  • Payments concerns
  • List of requirements for housing loan
  • Statement of Account
  • House construction updates
  • Home improvement restrictions
  • Title processing

Lumina Homes is committed to delivering a more refined home buying journey to customers and sales network partners and will continue to innovate to provide the absolute best home buying experience.

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