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Saturday, November 20, 2021

How to Cancel Globe Broadband Unli BB Bundle? Oh, it's such a nightmare!

If you got a Globe Broadband plan a 1-2 years ago, you probably at see a promotion - UNLI BB BUNDLE included on your monthly bill. If you have no idea what it is, it is a special promotion/ add-on from Globe that allows you to call Globe and TM numbers for free using your landline.

Most plans have this special promotion free for two years (24 months) after which you will be automatically billed Php 99 per month. I believe this is actually a good deal if you are making a lot of calls to Globe and TM however if you think that you do not really need it, then you may want to cancel this to avoid that extra Php 99 charge on your Globe internet bill. 

How to cancel the Globe Broadband Unli BB Bundle? 

Before the new normal, we simply have to call the customer service hotline to cancel. However since Globe's customer service hotline is not available anymore (let's say it's hard to get a hold of a live person), the best way to contact them is through their social media pages.

TIP: If you send them directly a private message, more likely you'll end up with a chatbot which is not your goal. So, it might help if you send them a message then make sure to leave a comment on their posts too and from there they might send a reply and ask you to continue the conversation via private messaging. 

In my case, after weeks of trying, I have finally chatted with a live person and was advised to answer this online form.  

Here's the link to the Google form -- Just fill this out to file a request for your unli bb subscription removal. Based on their instructions, once you're done answering all the needed details, kindly submit it and free your line and their support team will keep you updated regarding your concern.

Here's a bit of a warning! Answering the form doesn't mean that your concern has been resolved. You have to follow up and ensure that it has been removed if you don't want to be charged extra. 

In my case, the promised turnaround time of 24-48 hours to process my request was not true. No one from their support team contacted me too. 

I had to answer the form multiple times after making a follow-up since it was still not processed. I guess this is the sad reality of Globe customers. Getting help from customer service nowadays is really challenging. 

Let me share our detailed experience of this very simple request. 

It was October 6 when finally, I was able to get hold of a live agent. I was really happy because I was running in circles with their chatbot on Facebook messenger. I thought that finally my concern will be resolved. I made time to report before the new billing cycle so, that I don't need to see extra charges on our bill. 

After more than a week (October 15), since I never heard anything from Globe, I made another follow-up.

After another week had passed, I still did not hear from Globe so I made another follow-up last October 22. This time I was already frustrated but the agent said that he will expedite the process. Well, let's see. I decided to wait longer and extend my patience. 

So, after almost a month (November 20) -- I still did not get call nor my concern was resolved.  I have no choice but to follow up again for the 3rd time. 

And guess what? Here's what the agent told me. 

So, yes, it is such a nightmare! I feel that I am on a dead-end now but have no choice but to wait for the next update. 

Since I never heard from Globe ever despite their promises of a callback, I decided to seek help from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and sent them an email. 

I was happy that I immediately received a reply from NTC. They asked for more information about my concern and said that they will act on it accordingly.

True enough, I received a call from Globe's head office last December 24. They said that they received my complaint through NTC and they are willing to assist me. After 72 hours, I already saw adjustments on my account, and finally, the UNLI bb bundle has been canceled. 

In a nutshell, Here's How to Cancel Globe Broadband Unli BB Bundle? 

1. Contact Globe Customer Service via Facebook Messenger. Answer the online form that they will give you. 

2. After 48-72 hours, follow-up and check if it has been canceled. If it is still not resolved, try for the 2nd time (yes, we are understanding and they deserve a second chance!) 

3. Follow up again in 48-72 hours. If still not resolved, file a complaint in NTC. 

Our government agencies work and they can be contacted easily online.
There is even no need for you to go to their office. 

To report or file a complaint, you can just email NTC at

P.S. This may not be the best way to have your Globe customer service concerns get resolved but this is the only way that worked for us after the 3-month ordeal and multiple follow-ups.

How about you? Do you have any experience adding/ removing paid services with Globe? How was your experience? Feel free to share on the comments section below.

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  1. I like the UNLI BB BUNDLE but I was requesting them to unsubscribe my mobile number from the broadband account and they gave me the same Google form link so I didn't continue with submitting the form. It's just unbundling my account from UNLI subscription.