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Saturday, January 29, 2022

How Online Games Help Us Become Creative

Growing up in an electronics-filled, massively online and socially-networked world changed the way we think, act and learn. 

Moreover, the pandemic has greatly affected our lifestyle. I remember in the past if you feel stuck, if you are experiencing writer's block, or if you need to get your creative juices running, it is suggested that you spend time outdoors and take time to commune with nature. Nowadays, due to quarantine restrictions and the threat of the virus, you have to think twice first before going out of your house. 

Luckily, there are many other ways to stay creative. 

According to a study conducted by the Michigan State University, both boys and girls who play video games tend to be more creative, regardless of the type of video game. They found that the more that the kids played video games, the more creative they were in tasks such as drawing pictures and writing stories. 

How is it possible? It is believed that playing games help foster creative thinking because it lowers the barriers of established norms and routines by allowing new rules and realities. 

While playing, the players adapt to the new role that they have as the reality around them changes. This allows them to "think outside the box" in order the solve the challenge, mission, or objective of the game.  

The games can be as simple as it is and do not have to be complicated. There is a game called, Open Restaurant available at that had helped me come up with a creative way to optimize our processes in the restaurant. By playing the game, I was able to figure out how to properly manage time and prioritize tasks. The game was very user-friendly even kids or "non-gamers" will have no problem playing it. 

Another important highlight of online gaming is its entertainment value that which actually affects our creativity. 

A study published in the scientific journal, Nature in 1998 showed that video games raise the level of dopamine in the brain by about 100 percent. If you are not familiar, Dopamine is our achievement hormone. It spikes when we are happy or we experience something pleasant. 

Experts say that the higher the dopamine levels in your body, the higher is our alertness, focus, creativity, long-term memory, and concentration. 

Should we allow our kids to play online games? Just like anything in this world, moderation is the key. There is a thin line between the benefits of gaming and game addiction. We must teach our children how to maintain healthy gameplay and allow them to harness its potential. We have to encourage them to log off to do other things as well in order to live a balanced lifestyle. 

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