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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

5 Things You Need to Know About THE BIG BOOK SALE happening on July 7-11

Books and Sale are my two favorite words put together! I mean who doesn't? 

Anyway, I am happy to share that the Big Book Sale is back and we are definitely excited... 

So, let me share 10 things that you need to know about THE BIG BOOK SALE

When and where is this going to happen? 

This is happening on July 7-11 online via Lazada. This means that you still take advantage of the huge discounts from anywhere in the country. 

Click here to check books

2. Wow! When you say huge discounts, how much discount are we talking about? 

You can expect to get as much as 90% off during the sale. Please note that stocks are limited so, make sure to set your alarms at midnight so you can check out right away. 

3. That's amazing. Who are the organizers of this sale event? 

The BIG BOOK SALE is made possible by the National Book Development Board. This is in line with NBDB’s project of subsidizing registered publishers and booksellers to come up with bigger discounts in sales events!

4. Do you have a list of sellers/ publishers who will be joining? 

Yes, definitely! Here is the list of publishers and sellers: 

(Just click the links to visit their official stores)

5. What type of books will go on sale?

There will be a variety of books that will go on sale from children's books, educational books, comic books, religious and inspiration, history and local culture, academic journals, and a lot more. One example is Nick Joaquin's Rizal in Saga book which will be at 50% off

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