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Friday, July 1, 2022

NEW BOOK RELEASE: Decoding Property Transfers and Taxes Book

July appears to be exciting and full of hope. With a lot of events happening in the next few weeks and the new administration starting office today, I feel hopeful as I pray for the best for our country. 

The beginning of a new month made me think and reflect on what I can do as an ordinary Filipino to help and contribute to nation-building...

One is of course fulfilling our obligation as a taxpayer thus, the release of this new book, Decoding Property Transfers and Taxes today, July 1st is very timely and relevant. 

This book is authored by Atty. Nelson Gargoles, CPA, a Former BIR Revenue Officer for 15 years and Former Tax Senior Manager-Punongbayan and Araullo. Currently, he is the President of Gargoles Law Office and Gargoles Training and Consultancy Services, OPC as well as the tax and legal consultant on a retainership basis for Quezon City and Paranaque City Government and various private companies. 

This book, Decoding Property Transfers and Taxes is a Comprehensive Guide to Real Property and Shares of Stock Transfers, Estate Planning, and Estate Tax Amnesty. It is highly recommended for property owners and consultants, tax practitioners, and future property owners and investors. 

The topics covered in this book are as follows: 
  • Exclusive Property or Absolute Community of Property/Conjugal Partnership of Gains
  • Importance of Estate Planning
  • Vital Law on Sales of Real Property and Shares of Stock
  • Capital Gains Tax or Creditable Withholding Tax and Documentary Stamps Tax
  • Vital Law on Donation
  • Donor’s Tax and Documentary Stamps Tax
  • Vital Law on Succession (Inheritance)
  • Sharing of the surviving heirs in the Inheritance
  • Estate Tax Computation and Estate Tax Amnesty
  • Rules on Certificate Authorizing Registration Issuance
  • Vital Law and Taxation on Trust
  • Tax-Free Exchange of Real Property to Shares of Stock
  • Procedures, Taxes, and Fees on Local Government Unit-Assessor’s Office and Register of Deeds
  • Importance of Life Insurance
What makes this book stand out is that it is easy to understand and the topics are explained in a way that even non-practitioners could understand. If you are familiar with the FOR DUMMIES book series, then this is the Philippine version for taxes. 

In fact, this is actually the second book by Atty. Gargoles. In 2020, he also wrote the bestselling book, Decoding BIR Tax Enforcement, Assessment and Collection which is so helpful for business owners, accountants, and tax practitioners. Here are some of the reader testimonials of his first book. 

"I am one of those who bought the books about decoding BIR tax, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the author, Atty Nelson Gargoles, for sharing his knowledge and experiences through his writing. The book is straight to the point and easy to understand. His explanation is superb and supported by legal basis and previous tax cases." -  Jun Panelo, Certified Public Accountant

"I started reading this great and excellent book. Thank you, Atty Nelson Gargoles for this noble work. It is of great help to the Philippine businesses and tax practitioners." - Gerry Ilandag Piator, Public Practitioner

"This book will definitely come in handy as it consolidates the references on enforcement, assessment and collection. Very timely and relevant material for every tax professional." -  Majidi John Bola, Tax and Accounting Professional

Thus, if you are interested to get a copy of the book, this is now available in Lazada and Shopee. 

Just order via these links: 

Do you prefer a lecture over a book? Check out the upcoming Decoding Property Transfers and Taxes Seminar happening on August 24 too! Click here for full details.

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