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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Top 5 Things to Instantly Glam Up Your Look

Since it's my birth month, Val had been surprising me with my favorite things including a dinner date last week. Since we were a bit in hurry and it was totally unplanned, I just had to quickly prepare myself before we go out thus, I am thankful for these tricks that can instantly glam up one's look. 

After all, whatever the occasion is, one must not forget to prepare oneself because every woman deserves to be beautiful. 

Here are the top 5 tips to instantly glam up your look:

1. Add sparkle by wearing some jewelry

Whether you choose to wear, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, adding these little accents to your outfit can instantly glam up your look. Though my personal favorite is a pair of pearl earrings that can definitely brighten my face. 

2. Tie a scarf to your bag. 

Use some old scarves to give your bag a makeover. Just simply tie it around the handle. Voila! You get a new-looking handbag.  

3. Wear a belt

A perfect way to accentuate your waistline in an outfit is by wearing a stylish belt. Just play around with the different sizes and color that would perfectly match your outfit. 

4. Slip on a pair of heels.

The right footwear in an ordinary outfit can make a huge difference. Avoid wearing flats or slippers. A little height may be a little bit uncomfortable but glamming up for a few hours in a special event is definitely worth it. 

Whether you put on light or heavy make-up, having beautiful, long eyelashes can definitely give you a boost of confidence and making your eyes look brighter. 


How about you? Do you have other tips to instantly glam up? Just share it in the comments section below. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Future is Awesome: Samsung Happy Home

The Back to the Future Movie Day was celebrated in the US last October 21, 2015. Who would have known that the 1989 movie will give us a glimpse of what our future will look like? Flying cars and floating highways maybe far from reality but I’m sure these pictures will refresh your memory.

Up-close visual experience using VR glasses 

Crisp Sound and Visual Effects

Extra Large TV Screens

Put them all together, just like what Doc said, "Great Scott! Here is the Samsung SUHD." VR glasses may have its limitations, but the visual up-close experience, crisp audio, and size of the screen will definitely bring the house down. Samsung Ultra High Definition is a new range of 4K Ultra HD TVs. SUHD raised the bar of home entertainment solutions using nanocrystal technology to make the body of the TV lighter and thin, but yet powerful enough to produce 64 times more color expression than a regular TV.

SUHD TV will bring your viewing experience to a whole new level. It also has a stylish curve sound bar equipped with multi-channel speakers and side speakers that enhance the surround sound for a heart pounding and eye popping TV experience. To top it all, Samsung Wireless Audio 360 produces balanced sound in all directions that you can maximize through its built-in WI-FI technology. I’m telling you seeing this bad boy first hand in action was a blast. 

Yeah! That’s me, on a pink shirt, guilty as charged
Aside from home entertainment system, Samsung also expands their artillery in making the perfect happy home by upgrading the lifestyle of Filipinos. Close to the idea of a retractable voice activated fruit basket from Back to the Future 2 movie. Samsung revolutionized the “fridge within the fridge” design, providing plenty of room in their Food Showcase Refrigerators.

Cooking became more exciting because of Samsung's Smart Oven. Do you still remember how Marty’s mom hydrated the pizza in the movie? That’s nothing compared to what Samsung Smart Oven can do. It is truly an all in one cooking solution with a health conscious system that allows the oil free frying and grill thanks to its Slim Fry Technology.

Another thing that Samsung wanted to address is the cooling system inside our homes. Living in a tropical country, high temperature and humidity affect the comforts of our homes. Once again, Samsung has one more trick up their sleeves to aid this need. Using the latest technology, Samsung created AR7000, an air conditioner that features a triangular design enabling quicker, further, and wide cooling. It also features the “Virus Doctor” that filters and keeps the air clean.  And the best part, it has a WI-FI function that will allow you to control it anytime, anywhere.

From the living room, into the kitchen, out to the backyard, Samsung is still on top of its game in dealing with your dirty laundry. Understanding the pain that you go through every time you sit or squat just to do your laundry, they have created the Samsung Activdualwash, which fused ergonomic design with the state of the art technology. It has a dedicated built-in sink, washboard and water jet built right into the washer making your laundry experience less tedious.

Generally, having all of these is part of one's dream home enabling families to comfortably lounge around the house and enjoy life's simple pleasures such as watching TV, munching on comfort food and making chores easier. A perfect showcase that families can enjoy conveniences and possibilities that are made by Samsung. This is something that we can all look forward to. 

So, don’t miss the chance of seeing up close these great innovations perfect for your #happyhome at the Samsung Happy Home Roadshow at Ayala The North District Point Bacolod until October 25. Just like what Dr. Brown said, the future has finally arrived.  

You may visit also the Samsung Philippines’ fan page or follow them on twitter @samsungph for more information. Full details and product images are available at