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Monday, February 23, 2015

One Important Thing You Must Keep Inside Your Bag

Have you ever experienced walking alone in the middle of the business street like in Ayala and then suddenly, the strap of your sandals broke? 

Honestly, I did. I had no extra slippers and no one was with me to buy me a new pair from the nearby convenience store. I had no choice but to walk barefoot and get myself a new one. Dragging my shoes was not a choice. People were staring and indeed it was a very long day for me. 

From that day on, I have learned there is one more important thing you must keep inside your bag -- MISHKA SHOES! 

Mishka Shoes is a locally made brand that offers a wide variety of comfortable stylish foldable shoes. Yes, your spare shoes must be foldable and lightweight in order not to take up much space in your bag.

What makes Mishka shoes special and unique is that it is very stylish and does not look like the ordinary foldable ballet flats available in the market. It is also made of comfortable materials used with extra  foam cushion in the insole. 

So, go ahead and get your own emergency shoes to save your aching legs and feet from wearing high heels too long. You may check their different styles online through their facebook page

Mishka shoes is also available in Landmark Makati located at the 2nd floor of the shoe section. 

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