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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Find Out When To Start Worrying About Falling Hair

Losing hair up to a certain extent around 50-100 hair strands day is normal. However, it is quite difficult to keep track of the number. So, there is a better way of finding out when you should start worrying about falling hair. 

Minoxidil Regroe, a quality product of JLC Miller & Co Inc. is conducting a FREE hair and scalp consultation from February 5 -10, 2015 at SM Megamall. This is part of the Watsons' Health Fair. 

During the consultation, your scalp will be magnified in order to actually check if your follicles are healthy. It is a perfect way to find out if you should be concerned about falling and thinning hair. This is no longer just a problem of the older people rather it is a concern of both men and women as young as in their early 20s. 

There are several factors that causes hair fall such as heredity, stress, habitual plucking, pregnancy and medication. The good thing is Minoxidil Regroe, an effective and safe hair grower is now available in the market.  Prices start at Php 495. This is approved by the US and Philippine FDA. Regroe can help in three ways. 

1. Prevents Hair Fall
2. Stimulates Hair Matrix Cells
3. Improves Circulation and Nutrition

So, what are you waiting for? Visit their booth at SM Megamall or you may call (02) 817.3303 for a FREE Consultation. 

For more details about the product, visit their website

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