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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Paint your house with luck!

Chinese New Year is just a few days away. My family and I have different practices and traditions to attract  good fortune and prosperity for the coming year. 

Aside from the feast that we prepare during New Year's Eve, we also make sure that we have new slippers bought before the new year. This is to step on people who gossip about you. Bathing pomelo leaves is also believed to bring in good health for the year. 

At home, we make sure that the house is cleaned thoroughly before the Chinese New Year and on the strike of 12 midnight, all doors, windows and lights must be opened to welcome good luck and ward off evil spirits. 

However, these practices do not end during the Chinese New Year's day celebration. We also believe that feng shui must be practiced to attract positive energy through the arrangement of one's home, type of decorations and even color choice. 

We believe that the choice of colors to surround one's environment can effectively enhance the flow of positive energy thus, it is very important to paint our homes with luck. 

FENG SHUI PAINT is made up of colors carefully chosen to suit a person’s lucky color based on their Chinese zodiac sign. Prescribed by the well-known Feng Shui expert Mr. Johnson Chua, Feng Shui Paint is made to help attract three general life aspects: prosperity, health, and harmony.

So, paint some luck into your life with Feng Shui Paint. For color chart, pre-orders, and other inquiries, you may call 0919-466-3338 or send an email at For more updates, you may visit facebook at

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