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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Reasons Why Moms Are The Best + Cheesecake's New Litter

Mother's Day is a few months away but recent events made me realize how amazing moms are. A few weeks ago, my adopted furbaby, Cheesecake gave birth to 4 puppies. The delivery had some complications wherein the umbilical cord was not cut for 2 puppies and the last puppy got stuck for more than 12 hours. These made the puppies stressed and weak that they require extra care. 

Taking care of newborn puppies is no different taking care of a human baby. One must make sure they have a clean environment, no one gets sat on, gets enough milk and they never get cold. Plus, they have to be breastfed every 2 hours. The bottom line is - as a furparent to newborn puppies, I could not afford to sleep because I have to watch them closely no matter how tired I was. 

Just like moms - the responsibility is 24/7. No dayoffs or breaks. No matter how tired or sick they are. They have to attend to their children.This is the top reason why moms are simply the best. Their unconditional love for their babies (human or not) is so huge that they put their personal needs aside to attend to their family first. 

I realized that it is not easy being a mom. Moms give everything that they can to finish and fulfill their responsibilities. An 8-hour of sleep is indeed a luxury and one cannot afford to get sick. I even called my Mama and to ask her if it is really like this wherein I get no sleep. Plus, there are unending needs of your "babies" while household chores are piling up. I asked her how did she cope with everything. My mom just laughed and told yes, it's like that. 

Can you imagine life without mom? Watch this video and find out. 

Tag your moms/ wife below and let them how much you appreciate them. 

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