Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Why Freelancers Need to Start a Blog?

Let me share 4 reasons why freelancers should start a blog.

1. Obviously, you can earn from blogging e.g. sponsored posts, ads, and affiliates.

2. It gives you a better insight into the industry and from there you can be creative on what services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. Currently, I handle reader engagement for an AUS client. I got accepted because I told them I also have a blog and I know what I need to do.

3. If you want to add content writing to your list of services, then your own blog is the perfect portfolio for you to showcase your skill and writing style. When applying for writing jobs, I simply send them the link to my blog.

4. Not yet an expert? Blogging is a multi-faceted activity. It is the perfect place for you to practice not just your writing skills but also your SEO, social media marketing, graphic design and a lot more. It's the best hands-on experience you can ever have to improve your craft. :)

How about you? Can you share what other reasons why freelancers should have a blog? 


And in case you are in Bacolod City or in nearby areas, the Negros Online Workers, a local community of freelancers is inviting you to join the Blogging 101 and Influencer Marketing + Introduction to Google Analytics Seminar on February 23, 2019 at the Dojo 8 Coliving Space, 21st Lacson Street, Bacolod City. 

The resource speakers are Award-winning Lifestyle and Mommy Blogger, Maria Sigrid Lo of Sigrid Says Blog, Mommy Sigrid - Lovingly Mama and Marriage Markers and  Cellconversions Lead SEM Consultant, Juanito Cell Jacela. 

Registration is Php 750 per person and that includes snacks, materials, and e-certificate but you can also get the Early Bird Rate of Php 500 if you register on or before February 10, 2019. 

For details and registration, you may email Also feel free to join the Negros Online Workers FB group for more updates. 


  1. Totally agreed! Every business, big or small should have a blog!

  2. I think blogging is a passion one drive from a particular niche.. That alone gives you joy to excess blogging.. They should have a blog is because it will help people to reach out to them..

  3. Great article. This is a topic I know I need to learn more about and you really helped me understand some good ways. Thank you.


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