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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Business Ideas To Earn In Your Condo

We are truly in the new normal and there seems to be no more turning back to our old, comfortable ways and lifestyle. Gone were the days people get to go out and mingle with family, friends, and associates, without the fear of contracting the dreaded virus. This health crisis has been sad and depressing to many, but we need to survive through it all. Health protocols are in place but it really isn't the same as before when people can freely travel and do business. 

If you are one of the many who lost their jobs or are simply thinking of ways to earn from the comfort of their condo/ home, here are some ideas that you might want to consider. 

First, which is by far the most popular is to be an online worker/ freelancer such as a Virtual Assistant. Yes, being a VA is a business. You are your own boss, and your clients are your associates. You work hand in hand in making the business grow. Before the work starts, you both lay down a contract or a service agreement just like most consultancy firms do. All you need is a stable internet connection and a dependable laptop or desk computer and skills which can be learned over time and along the way. 

Then, there's the growing popularity of the Food Business. Nowadays, people suddenly became bakers and cooks. And online food selling is on an all-time high. From Shawarma wraps to native delicacies, cookies, seafood specials to elaborate wedding cakes, can now be ordered online. Thus, a need for a trusted partner delivery service provider or rider. 

Then, there are the fun entrepreneurs who are into the Clothing Business. Selling all sorts of clothes, and accessories like jewelry, bags, and shoes, whether authentic brands or pre-loved, factory manufactured sold by the volumes or 'ukay-ukay.' They even sell via Facebook live, showing their wares while in the comfort of their condo units. The younger set and common housewives are also into online selling of beauty products, ranging from soaps, lotions, and toothpaste. 

Many as well became agents, from real estate to cars, and educational plans, pension plans, and condo insurance. Having the time to immerse themselves online, people have become business-minded and eventually became professional marketers as well. 

There is no business like show business. Thus, many Pinoys became online celebrities. Even fashion and showbiz personalities have turned to the power of the internet and became influencers. They have put their celebrity status to good use. Brand Managers of different products have since then commissioned their services to promote different product lines. These influencers do not stop there, they even have invaded Tik-Tok and YouTube platforms, and have since become online content creators monetizing from each of their episodes.

A lot of people have suddenly relied on online selling during the pandemic as almost everything has shifted to digital now. The majority has embraced online shopping and digital transactions creating a huge potential in the e-commerce industry. One does not even have to techie to be able to sell online as there are readily available e-commerce platforms that one can use to sell and promote your products. 

With all these products stashed, many of these budding business professionals have no warehouses, making their living rooms and even their bedrooms their stockroom. All these stocks piled and displayed like a store, these online sellers show these products to their online buyers. There is a danger however in mixing home and business. One must make sure not only for their products' safekeeping but most importantly their safety, that they live with peace of mind knowing their condo insurance is in place to protect against fires, earthquakes, and natural calamities. 

This pandemic has suddenly taught people to rely on their hidden talents and skills they never knew they had. And the best part --- they can do all these in the comfort of their condo. 


  1. People have gotten creative with their business. However, when working from home one must make sure their insurance will cover a business related accident.

  2. Better safe than sorry. This may sound cliche but may true in this siuation. Having the right insurance coverage for yourself, your loved ones and your properties will guarantee your protection in cases of calamaties and disasters.

  3. Greaet ideas! People are always looking for simple wasy to bring in additional income.

  4. Thank you for these awesome ideas! I sent this to a friend of mine who recently lost her job. I love the idea of the virtual assistant

  5. are so right! These times we are living in, have gotten us thinking way beyond we have always been!

  6. These are really creative ideas. I would love to send this to some friends who will find it useful!

  7. These are super handy ideas, thanks so much for sharing! As someone else said, a virtual assistant sounds like a great idea!