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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Ito Ang Araw Mo: Inspiring You to Continue Pursuing Your Dreams

Do you feel that your life was put on hold because of the current situation? 

Were all your plans canceled? Your dreams put on the side? 

Did you feel that you took a step backward in your achieving your goals? 

If you said yes to any of the questions above and you feel uninspired or lost, I don't really blame you. What you feel is valid. After all, nobody expected to experience a pandemic in their lifetime. However, this does not mean that we stop living because of the current situation. There might be no clear end-in-sight but we are not helpless nor hopeless. Instead, it is time to unleash our creativity and resourcefulness to adapt succesfully to the new normal. I remember one of the famous quotes of Tony Robbins "Every problem is a gift. Without problems, we would not grow." 

So, let us take this opportunity to grow. The world is rooting for you and there are a lot of people willing to support you. 

Just like Sun Life Philippines' latest campaign, "Ito ang Araw Mo,  where they aim to rally and inspire Millennials to hit the restart button on their dreams. 

Through this new digital campaign, it will prompt millennials just like you and me to claim a new beginning in their journey towards a brighter future.

The campaign launches on March 8 with a digital video highlighting the unique experiences of today’s generation, such as graduating in a virtual ceremony, exploring gaming as a career, pursuing online entrepreneurship, and starting a new family in extraordinary times. It will be posted on Sun Life’s social media assets, 
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ignite the Millennials’ motivation to chase after their personal pursuits. 

The “Ito ang Araw Mo” campaign takes inspiration from the pursuits of the Millennials who are keen on building their career, growing their wealth, and finding self-enrichment amid the pandemic. 

“The times we are in may have pushed Millennials to put their goals on hold, but it also brought out their creativity, resourcefulness, and an undeniable spirit. They are well equipped to fulfill all their dreams, even as they navigate their way in a new environment,” Sun Life Chief Marketing and Client Experience Officer Gilbert Simpao said. “It all begins with recognizing the start of this new chapter in their lives, taking control of what they can accomplish today while working on their bigger goals in the future with Sun Life as their partner.” 

To inspire and enable them with specific actionable to-dos, Sun Life will also hold an interactive workshop entitled “Build Bright Habits to Reach Your Goals” on March 20, 10am, featuring international author, speaker, and life coach Dr. Christine Carter and AHA! Behavioral Design Managing Director TJ Agulto. 

These bright habits on self-improvement, relationships, and personal finance will be reinforced through a Facebook community where they can avail of mini mentorship programs, weekly challenges, and exclusive promos in the company of their fellow goal-achievers.

Those ready to craft their financial plans and be experts in handling their money are encouraged to seek the help of a Sun Life advisor, who can help them create a financial roadmap that matches their needs and will put them in a better position to make their plans a reality. “Ito Ang Araw Mo” updates and other relevant information will be posted on Sun Life’s various online platforms for those who wish to take part in the activities and for those looking for added inspiration. 

"There may have been a tremendous shift in our lives, but Millennials have the power to realize their goals and aspirations. It can start today,” Simpao said. “Ito ang araw nila, and it would be Sun Life’s honor to be their partner for life in this journey.”

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