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Monday, October 18, 2021

The Story of Grace from Both Sides of the Coin

Gratitude and kindness is the most powerful currency in the world. You might have heard stories about some passengers who suddenly get upgraded to business class during their flight. I asked a friend from the airline industry how they choose or identify passengers and she said -- "the customer was kind and grateful." 

Personally, I would be willing to extend an extra mile too for our clients and customers even if that means working late at night or during weekends. I don't even need additional compensation for the time and effort because a simple "thank you" is enough. Knowing that they appreciate what you do makes it all worth it. 

However, it is a totally different story when entitlement wins over gratitude. There are some people who do not know how to appreciate because they feel that they are entitled to 24/7 assistance or they must have 100% satisfaction because they paid. When something goes wrong, these are the type of people who go berserk and get mad because they feel they got shortchanged. They are the type of people who do not want to extend a little grace for people who commit mistakes. They feel that they own you and your soul.  

In reality, no one is perfect and many times, things won't go as planned. However, the world has a lot of more serious problems and a little compassion and grace can go a long way.

Do you remember the 90/10 principle? According to Stephen Covey, the 90–10 principle basically says that our life is 10% made of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it; thus, you have a choice on how you will react when things don't go well. 

Yesterday, I got tested by this principle as well. I made some orders online and arranged delivery via a 3rd party courier. Our house is far and delivery fees are quite expensive. 

Unfortunately, when the order arrived, I received the wrong items. Apparently, the store personnel gave the wrong plastic bag to the delivery rider. So, they are asking me to send back the wrong items and book another pick-up to get my order. This means that I had to spend a two-way booking fee aside from the initial one I paid even if it is NOT my fault. Such a waste of money, right?

However, I opted to extend a little grace and compassion to this store personnel. I know that it is not her intention to mess up. When I talked to her, she was worried. If I don't pay for the fees, this would be charged against her which would cost her more than half of her daily wage.  I am aware that it was not my fault and it is not my responsibility to pay but a little compassion can make a difference for this person. This difference may mean food for her family. I really do not know but I decided to pay for everything. 

I realized that this other person who has feelings is much more important than money. She was very helpful every time I order and I am thankful for her assistance. She may have made a mistake but it is not right that she feels "crucified" for this. I decided to put aside my disappointment. I choose to let it go and find a resolution. 

For someone who has seen both sides of the coin - an individual who had been hurt and "crucified" because of a mistake and as a customer whose order has been messed up, I am reminded of this quote from JoyBell C...

“The kindness that we receive from others in life, is also the kindness that we will want to give. The harshness that we receive from others in life, will also be the harshness that we will give. But true strength lies in seeing the harshness that we have received in life; and living in such a way so that others will never feel the same from us."

May we extend more grace and compassion to others. Let us be kind to one another. 

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