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Saturday, October 2, 2021

What is the cheapest way to ship large and bulky items in the Philippines? Check out 2Go Budget Box

Dear Clarice, 


I read in your blog about your relocation from Manila to Bacolod.

May I ask what service did you use to move your things? 





With the rise of eCommerce, courier and shipping services tremendously grew in the country in the past few years. This is a good development for consumers since we have many options on how to send out our packages conveniently anywhere in the country. 

Now, we can ship out parcels for as low as Php 40 for small pouches within the same city. Many couriers even offer pick-up services which are a life-saver for most businesses this new normal. 

However, shipping large and bulky items is another story since shipping items that don't fit the couriers' pouches is way too expensive. 

In 2015 when we relocated from Manila to Bacolod, we really did not bring most of our stuff. Thus, getting a full container van is not necessary. We are also bringing our car and will be traveling by land so we can just bring some of the things with us. (By the way, you can read about our road trip, here)

We just needed to find a cheaper way to ship our things that won't fit inside the car. 

So, what is the cheapest way to ship large and bulky items in the Philippines? 

Based on our research, 2Go Budget Box is one of the cheapest options to send large and bulky items in the Philippines. Their box (which 2Go will provide) is similar to a "balikbayan" box and it allows a maximum of 50 kilos. 

Other couriers can charge you more than 2,500 pesos for a box this big but for 2Go, we only spent around 1k+ inclusive of insurance already. 

Aside from the cost, we also love that they provide pick-up services which means you don't have to worry about going to their branch. Tracking is also very easy and their customer service is great. 

Actually, we also used this service a couple months ago when we sent out books to our authors. The books were very heavy and we are being charged almost 3k by another courier. With 2GO's budget box, we only paid around 1k and had no problems shipping in Luzon and VisMin areas. 

Please note that this service is via sea freight which means that it may take longer than usual. Nonetheless, we are pretty much happy that we found the cheapest way to ship large and bulky items in the Philippines. 

Thus, if you are relocating or moving within the Philippines,

if you are a business owner in need of a courier for your business 

or if you are someone who simply wants to send out packages for your family this Christmas,

then you might want to consider this option for you. 


By the way, this post is not sponsored and we are just happy customers. 2Go had been our go-to courier and has helped us with our personal and business needs. 

If you are interested in their service, you can send your inquiry or book a pick-up schedule by sending an email to You may also call them at 8779-9222 loc 85916. For more details, you may visit their website

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