Friday, July 19, 2019

My Sad Experience about my SM Advantage Card

UPDATED: July 19, 2019 (11:45 PM) 

It has been 5 years ago when I wrote the original blog post about my SM advantage card. Since I do not frequent SM as much as we did before, it is only a few months ago that I was able to use my SM Advantage Card again. 

Some of the recent changes with our SMAC membership is their insurance provider which is now Pioneer Insurance. It is now accepted in more (new) stores such as Uniqlo and Miniso. 

Sadly, despite the changes, the problem of missing SMAC points is still happening. I checked my May and June 2019 purchases and I found out that there are four (4) transactions not posted. 

This is very disappointing since the issue has been happening for more than 5 years. Apparently, SMAC is still very unreliable compared to other rewards card whose points are credited real-time. Right now, I can just imagine how many shoppers do not really check their points. Unknowingly, they were deprived of the rewards/ points due to them. 

Now, this makes me question - why does SM keep on creating different rewards card (Ace Hardware, Watsons, etc) when they can't even fix their existing one. 

Anyway, I have sent an email 2 weeks ago but still did not get any response. Will update you once I hear from them. 


I am a fan of rewards cards. I almost have them all (Happy Plus, Mercury Suki Card, Robinsons Privilege Card, etc.) So many that I already have a separate wallet just for them. For consumers like me, a rewards card is important because it is a way for us to get something back from our purchases. Despite having to pay for the annual fees, I still get value for my money because my points are greater than the registration fees. 

One card that I have truly maximized is the SM Advantage Card. It is accepted in different stores such as SM Supermarket, SM Store, Savemore, Shell, Forever 21. The great thing about SMAC is that you can keep track of your transactions and points by simply signing-up online. 

It was May 2014 when I first discovered that points from my purchases from Shell were not credited to my account. It was by accident that I was sorting out my receipts and it says "Points will be Awarded within 3 days." I was just curious and I decided to check if it was really credited. I was surprised to see none of my transactions was credited to my account.

It may not be a huge amount but if I multiply it with the number of receipts I had during that time, the amount is substantial.  After all, 1 point = 1 peso. 

So, I immediately sent an email to SMAC and they asked me to scan my receipts so that they can verify. After a week, they were able to credit the points and they even sent me an email notification that my concern was resolved. (Good job!) 

Unfortunately, after a month, I noticed that I am once again missing some SMAC points, which prompted me to send an email again and go through the same process. 

By October, I had the same concern with them again and went through the whole process to have the points credited to my account. 

Then last month (December) I had the same concern but this time with my purchase from Watsons. I went through the same process but as of the time of writing, my concern is not resolved nor I was given an update. Unfortunately, I have reported this over a month ago and have sent 2 follow-up emails. 

So, what exactly do you need to do to get your missing points credited to your account? 

1. Scan your receipts. (So, it's best to make a habit to keep your receipts for future reference.)
2. Send an email to: 
3. Provide the following information: 
  • Name of Store
  • Date and Time of Transaction
  • Amount
  • Sales Invoice Number
  • Your SMAC Account Name
  • Your SMAC Number
  • Scanned copy of the receipt
4. Wait for a reply in 24-48 hours. Their customer support is very helpful though there are times that they no longer credit the points in case the receipts are already erased and unreadable. 

I still hope the SMAC Management can take a look at these lapses since this is no longer an isolated issue as some readers had also shared the same experience. As a member, I have experienced these for more than 10 times already. 

How about you? Have you checked your SMAC points? Please feel free to share below. 


  1. Me too! I just finished my hatemail to sm! Hehehe. I was checking if anybody had the same experience when i stumbled into your blog! Grabe, andaya no? I recently purchased 8000 worth of groceries, kaya ako naiinis. It is cheaper pa naman sana to buy at puregold.

  2. Grabe! It's really unfair. Everything in this country requires us to be extra careful and keen to details. Wala na talaga ma-trust even with a simple rewards card. Hope they resolve your missing points.

  3. I hope so too. Iniisip ko tuloy yun iba ko pang purchases before signing up online. Mabuti pa ang happy plus card, last year lang ako naka-avail, 2x ko na nagagamit yun points for free meals! Hehehe.

  4. I agree on your post for this also happens to me. This also happens to me and because of that, there is a need for me to keep every single receipts that I had. Nawala na yung trust ko sa kanila and ang napansin ko pa is kapag sa kapag sa Watsons, Ace Hardware, Shell and other partner establishments ka nila nagtransact, napakatagal ng points dumating or talagang hindi na talaga dumarating yung points sa card mo. Ang pinakamabilis lang ata pumasok na points is yung sa Grocery store nila(Supermarket, Hypermarket and Savemore) other than that naku, imonitor mo talaga kung papasok yung points o hindi. This is really frustrating on my part honestly speaking.


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