Missing SMAC points and what you can do about it?

I have been an SM Advantage cardholder for more than 5 years and I love the idea of earning rewards from my purchases. It's one of the paid loyalty cards that I find "sulit" or one that I use frequently. If I remember correctly, I paid Php 150 for a 3-year membership but now I think it's already Php 200 for a 5-year membership (needs to confirm this) 

Some of the recent changes with our SMAC membership are their insurance provider which is now Pioneer Insurance. They added more accredited stores such as Uniqlo and Miniso. Plus, just a few months ago, they have also updated the design of their card to a modern look. 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/SMAC

Sadly, despite the changes and recent developments, the problem of missing SMAC points is still happening. I discovered that the majority of my November and December 2019 purchases are still not credited as of today (January 10, 2020). This is the same thing that happened when I checked my May and June 2019 purchases and I found out that there are four (4) transactions not posted. I also had the same experience way back in 2016. 

Honestly, I find this disappointing since the issue has been happening for more than 4 years. I really hope that SM can address this problem once and for all. I understand their doing a lot of system enhancements right now. I also believe that this something that they can fix because other rewards cards are able to credit receipts in real-time and do not have this problem. If they can do it, so is SM. :) 

Right now, I can just imagine how many shoppers do not really check their points. They might be unaware they don't receive the rewards/ points due to them. 

So, if you are one of the many members who do not keep a copy of their receipts or do not check their points - it's about time that you start doing it. After all, 1 point equivalent to 1 peso. 

So, what exactly do you need to do to get your missing SMAC points credited to your account? 

1. Scan your receipts. 
2. Send an email to mbr.care1@sm-mci.com or smacassist@sm-mci.com 
3. Provide the following information: 
  • Name of Store
  • Date and Time of Transaction
  • Amount
  • Sales Invoice Number
  • Your SMAC Account Name
  • Your SMAC Number
  • Scanned copy of the receipt

4. Wait for a reply in 24-72 hours. Their customer support is usually helpful though there are times that they no longer credit the points in case the receipts are already erased and unreadable. 

How about you? Have you checked your SMAC points? Please feel free to share it below.


  1. Me too! I just finished my hatemail to sm! Hehehe. I was checking if anybody had the same experience when i stumbled into your blog! Grabe, andaya no? I recently purchased 8000 worth of groceries, kaya ako naiinis. It is cheaper pa naman sana to buy at puregold.

  2. Grabe! It's really unfair. Everything in this country requires us to be extra careful and keen to details. Wala na talaga ma-trust even with a simple rewards card. Hope they resolve your missing points.

  3. I hope so too. Iniisip ko tuloy yun iba ko pang purchases before signing up online. Mabuti pa ang happy plus card, last year lang ako naka-avail, 2x ko na nagagamit yun points for free meals! Hehehe.

  4. I agree on your post for this also happens to me. This also happens to me and because of that, there is a need for me to keep every single receipts that I had. Nawala na yung trust ko sa kanila and ang napansin ko pa is kapag sa kapag sa Watsons, Ace Hardware, Shell and other partner establishments ka nila nagtransact, napakatagal ng points dumating or talagang hindi na talaga dumarating yung points sa card mo. Ang pinakamabilis lang ata pumasok na points is yung sa Grocery store nila(Supermarket, Hypermarket and Savemore) other than that naku, imonitor mo talaga kung papasok yung points o hindi. This is really frustrating on my part honestly speaking.

    1. I agree with you. Points from Uniqlo and Body Shop also are not credited too. Sobrang kapagod to monitor.

  5. How do you know if it's not credited? Does it have the before and after balance in the receipt?

    1. You can create an online account so, you can view your transactions. Though recently, I am unable to access it too. So, you may email customer service instead to ask for your transaction details.

  6. Totoo yan mommy, kami nga ngexpire na yong smac tas nong irerenew na forfeit na dw yong points bigla pala me Ganon sa napakaliit na points na yon interest pa ng sm🤣🤣. Kaya hirap ng mgtrust sa mga reward cards ngayon buti kung free ang offer nila eh me bayad namn tas me expiration pa🤣.

    1. Yes, this is really sad kasi we paid for it. :(

  7. SM should fix this ASAP! This is really unfair and disappointing for consumers like us.

  8. Maybe they think we're too busy to check our points credited. 😞

  9. Same here :( 2 weeks na 0 pa din points ko! Eh natapon ko na mga resibo! Jusko, SM big company, pero my God di man lang makapag invest sa Good System! :(

  10. Same here. sadly, i didn't know this happens so I threw all my receipts :(


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