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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Celadon: Contemporary Thai Cuisine

Val and I had fell in love with Thai cuisine even though I am not a fan of spicy dishes. We spent the last few weeks of 2014 searching for the best Thai restaurant in the Metro. 

It was actually Val's birthday when we booked a reservation at Celedon, Powerplant Mall in Rockwell and we had late lunch with my mom and godmother. The place was not crowded but there are several tables occupied. 

We ordered Pad-Thai. It described as "Thai style fried flat noodles with tofu, pork and beansprouts wrapped in eggnet." Our waiter has kind enough to mix it for us. Personally, I find it as a combination of two of my favorite food from Dencia's Restaurant in Davao. It is like chinese fresh lumpia and tokwa't baboy in one. 

We also had Thai Fresh Rolls. I also love how they present the food - complete with dips and flowers. 

 Their prawn cakes known as Tod Man Kung were delightful. 

It was indeed a seafood escapade for us. We also ordered Tempura Soft Shell Crabs. It was served with green tamarind and green chili sauce. My mom loved the green chili sauce. 

The Cinnamon Pork Ribs were so tender with the right amount of sweetness. It is definitely a must-try though my mom was looking for a little bit more of texture. 

Our overall experience was great. The waiters and the manager were very attentive. It was very easy to make a reservation. Definitely, we would recommend this place. Our total bill was approximately, Php 2500 which was inclusive of steamed rice and drinks. 

I would like to thank my friend, Caryn for giving us the gift certificates that we used during the visit. 

For more information about Celadon, please visit their facebook page.

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