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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chopstop: A Feel Good Place To Eat

Whenever loneliness strikes, some people have these unique cravings to ease the feeling. Some may resort to music and retail therapy while others opt to divulge their sadness in eating.

This coping mechanism gave birth to such things called "comfort food." These are food that makes us feel good and happy. It may be as simple as your favorite hotdog, chocolate or ice cream.

Personally, my "comfort food" is anything fried. (I know it's sinful.) Fried chicken and pork chops are on top of my list.

So, I was so happy to discover Chopstop in Fairview Terraces because they serve delicious and affordable fried chicken and pork chops. 

Aside from value meals, they also have a group meal good for 4 persons.

The Chops Blowout includes:  

4 servings of chops
4 side dishes
1 buffalo wings platter
4 plain rice
4 drinks

You can either choose pork or chicken chops and since, it was only me and Val. We decided to get two (2) pork chops and (2) chicken chops. You can also choose the sauce for your chops. It can be bacon and cheese, BBQ, tonkatsu, gravy or chili.

As mentioned, the group meal also comes with four (4) side dishes. Your choices are either buttered veggies or coleslaw. We prefer the latter. 

Since I am not a fan of spicy food, we requested to have the dip of the buffalo wings on the side. Basically, it is just like plain fried chicken. It was cooked just right. No blood but with the right amount of juiciness. 

We definitely enjoyed the meal for only Php 619. 

Chopstop also offers pulled pork, meatloaf, fish chops, pasta, sandwiches, mugcakes and a whole lot more. You may also take advantage of their all-day unlimited margarita promo at Php 149. 

So, whenever you're a bit lonely or simply hungry, heed out to chopstop. 

For more details about their promotions and other branches, check out their facebook page

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