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Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Dispose your Used LBC Pouches or Packaging?

I have been receiving packages shipped via different couriers such as LBC, Xend and Fastrack in the past few months.  These are packages coming from my family, friends, PR companies and my online orders. 

It is such a joy to receive packages however, if many, you might be already concerned about what to do with all the plastic. I understand that we should recycle but I am unable to maximize these since they do not have handles. 

Good thing, it was brought to my attention that we can send this packaging/ pouches back to LBC. If you are a keen reader of fine prints, there is a not-so-fine print on packaging that says: 

" For every 5,000 used pouches returned to LBC, we will donate 500 trash bins for public use." 

And that is what we call Corporate Social Responsibility. So, now I am encouraging all of you to return your used pouches to any LBC outlet and let us all help in waste management. 

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