Food You Need To Try Before You Reach 60

There are different recipes and types of food all over the world. Let me share to you a few that stood out. This is a list of the food available in the Philippines that you need to try before you reach 60. 

1. Zubuchon (Lechon) 

 This is the best lechon in Cebu. Whole Roasted Pig with Crispy Skin and Soft Meat. 

For more details about their branches, you may visit their facebook page.

2. Baked Scallops from Gerry's Grill. 

This is subject to availability and price starts at Php 265.00

For more details, please visit their website.

3. Mabet's Ham. 

This is a homemade chinese ham from Davao City. A perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness served with an extra special sauce.

They ship nationwide. For orders, you may visit their facebook page for more details.

4. Buttered Chicken from Wong Sau Restaurant.

This is the best buttered chicken I have ever tasted. They are located at Evangelista, Makati.

5. TGIF's Jack Daniels Burger

The perfect burger in town. The 8 oz. patty is topped off with two strips of crispy bacon and Colby cheese, with fries on the side and the special jack daniel's sauce. 

For more updated list of branches and promotions, check out TGIF's facebook page. 


  1. hi!!! I love how you write very interesting article and i want to read more of your writings!

  2. Haven't tried any of these, and I call myself a foodie! I will try to finish this list ASAP.

  3. Hmm, 3 out of 5! :) Mabet's Ham and Wong Sau are lacking from my list! :(

    1. You should try them. Wong Sau is a small Chinese Resto formerly Ding-haw (not sure about the spelling)

  4. The Scallops looks yummy despite of the fact that it comes from my favorite restaurant. Thank you for sharing.

  5. ohhh Zubochon,...while I am watching my cholesterol intake , i would really dare to try this dish each time I visit Cebu :)

    1. Try to visit early. Mabilis maubos yung best part ng lechon. :)

  6. wow!! like the burger! how much was it? :)

  7. I haven't tried the bakes scallops. I looks yummy!

  8. Everything looks delicious. I'll definitely try these dishes soon. :)

  9. I heard Cebu lechon is the best. Those foods are mouth watering...I miss Filipino foods.

  10. This is cute. Thanks for sharing :). You're title made me laugh. Why 60 though? Hehehe and the food looks good. I will (try) to try the LECHON. Yum! :)


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