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Friday, September 4, 2015

A WAHMderful Weekend that Changed My Life. Find out how it can change yours too.

I have been your typical employee for more than 8 years. Right after college, I was dutifully employed in a non-government organization for 3 years having to work as a technical writer, researcher and a project development officer. Then, I decided to do a career shift in the BPO industry which enabled me to assume different roles in a span of 5 years as HR personnel and as a CSR/TSR/Sales Specialist. 

I do not regret anything about working in these industries. Actually, I am very thankful that the different roles led me to acquire a skill set that has been helpful in my journey through my work-at-home career. Though it took me a while to figure out what I really want to do for a living, I am thankful for the WAHMderful Weekend that changed my life. 

It all started when I won an invite from DSM/ Quality for Life Philippines, one of the sponsors of the WAHMderful Weekend 2013. I did not know anyone who was going and I only got an invitation for one.  It was my first time to attend an event full of strangers alone. With a leap of faith and uncertainty of why am I attending -- I went there because I was curious to find out more about working from home. 

The first person I met was Ginger Arboleda who was very friendly and I did not know that she was one of the organizers. She gave me a kit and I seated at the farthest table at the back. I was just listening to the speakers but did not really participate in the Q&A portion. 

On the later part of the program, there was a mini-group discussion with respective facilitators depending on the topic you are interested. I couldn't remember all the groups but I decided to join the group of Marge Aberasturi and Jennifer Tan who talked about being a VA or a Virtual Assistant. They gave us a background on Virtual Assistance and how to get clients. They also discussed what skills are on demand, etc. 

After a month, I was able to land my first VA job for Full Life Cube with Best author and inspiration speaker Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag and then the rest is history. 

Now, I am happy being a freelancer who works from home handling different clients as a virtual assistant. I am also able to manage my online party store and had started my own blog, My Metro Lifestyle. 

Indeed, it was one event that totally changed my life and I would be forever thankful for attending it. And now, I am inviting you to attend it as well and find out how it change your life too. 

The Work at Home Expo 2015

The WAH Expo is an annual one-day event of talks and mini workshops focused on encouragement and empowerment of Filipino home professionals and those aspiring to be one. This is not just limited to virtual assistants but anyone who is working from home as a entrepreneur, freelancer or even planning to be one in the future. The Work at Home Expo 2015 is the best place to find out and get more information about working at home, network and meet people whom you can work or collaborate with. 

This is will be held on September 26, 2015 at the Bayanihan Events Center, Pioneer St. Kapitolyo, Pasig City. For more details about the program, scheduled talks, you may visit their official websiteThis is brought to you by Manila Workshops and the WAHMderful community. 

Once again, I am encouraging all of you to attend this expo and find out how it can change your life. If you don't want a career shift, it is also a good place to meet new and WAHMderful friends. 

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