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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Belo Medical Group Sets Medical Mission For Those With Cleft Lip/ Palate

Cleft Lip is one of the rare congenital problems that is brought about when one or both sides of the upper lip fails to fuse. It can be minimal like a slight notch but for other cases it can be a complete cleft extending up to the nose. Children suffering from these condition are affected socially and psychologically. If untreated, it may also cause problems in speech or feeding or may create complications such as dental and ear problems. 

Belo Medical Group, pioneering the latest surgical & non-surgical beauty breakthroughs in the country is going to have a medical mission for those with cleft lip/palate on October 25 in celebration of their 25th Anniversary.
Anyone who is at least 6 months old and a resident of Metro Manila or can travel to Metro Manila are invited to get in touch with Belo Medical Group via email: Initial screening will be conducted by the surgeons. 

So, go ahead and share the good news and Thank you Belo Medical Group for showing us that beauty should be in and out. 

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