Why Mommy Support Groups are Important?

There are a lot of definitions of what Motherhood is with endless adjectives to describe it. It is certainly wonderful however, they also say it is messy, noisy and sometimes crazy. 

According to Donna Bell of www.todaysthebestday.com,

It is a 24/7 job with no rest days. There can never be a perfect mother yet there a million ways to be a good one. However, in this age of time where technology has certainly made our lives easier through unlimited access to information and resources, one cannot deny the fact that Mommy Support Groups online are very important nowadays.

Though it is a challenge to find one where you can be yourself without being judged, I am happy to discover quite a number of online support groups that had been my home. Whether you're tired, happy or nervous, you certainly have someone to share this to aside from family and friends. 

And now, I would like to invite you and other mommies to join our newest community, Filipino Moms Who Budget and Save

In this group, we believe that being a mom is hard but budgeting is even harder. Thus, this growing community is a place for moms and moms-to-be to share the things that can help you in budgeting and how to save money. It is also a great place to get updated with the latest promotions, deals, and freebies (a.k.a. Tipid Hacks) 

So, join this growing community and become a "wais mom" as they call it. Feel to invite your other mommy friends too. See you inside. :) 

P.S. Here's the link to the group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/BudgetandSavePH/ 


  1. This is so nice. If ever I also become a mother, I want to join to these kind of groups. They give support in any other aspects. :)

    www.ajeinomoto.com | Spices & Everything Nice

  2. I often go to such events like Smart Parenting. One time, they conducted a seminar about healthy food for pregnant women. By the way; I want to join in this group. Hoping other moms would find this too. :)

  3. I never joined with any support groups before.. It is great help & it is interesting to see how other moms cope with their everyday lives :)

  4. I have never joined this kind of groups. To be honest, whenever I need support, I have my friends next to me.


  5. I'm not yet a mom but I feel like joining the group! Haha! I'm the breadwinner in the family so I think the group will be useful for me too. ^^

  6. It's good to know that many moms have benefited with these kinds of groups.

  7. I totally agree. Any kind of support groups are a good thing for sure. Helps people connect and share experiences xx

  8. Yeah these kinda groups are well helpful for the moms which depend on culture and countries. I mean those places where parents are respected and cared more than anything else, do not require these kind of groups but off course, those places where technology is all over, these groups can really do parents good.

  9. Being a mom is the toughest job ever and moms are mostly judged the most. A support group is a welcome idea. You know youve got people looking out for you.

  10. Before I was a mom I totally would have giggled at the term "mommy support group", but now that I have 2 (soon to be 3) kids, I completely get the need! Great post.


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