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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Paypal to GCASH missing funds? How to Get Your Money Back Faster

If you had been following my blog and Facebook page, then you'll know that I love GCASH. Val and I have been getting a lot of discounts, perks, and promotions ever since we decided to go cashless. Not to mention, the convenience of online bills payment and online banking (You can read more about it here.) 

As a freelancer, one of the major reasons why I use GCASH is the real-time withdrawals from Paypal to GCASH account at no additional cost. This means I do not have to wait for the usual 2-3 banking days if I withdraw my Paypal funds through my regular bank account. 

Unfortunately, there is really no perfect system. We can't deny the fact that Paypal to GCASH transfer sometimes fails. Personally, I have experienced this around 4x already. Though I got my money back, I suffered anxiety, inconvenience contacting their customer service plus the dilemma of not getting your funds on time when needed. It was such a huge hassle that I can only imagine all negative emotions that every customer has when he/she sees his/her Paypal account deducted but the GCASH funds are missing. 

The common course of action is that customers can call the GCASH hotline, 2882. They can also email customer support and file a dispute. Unfortunately, these options are not really customer-friendly. You may need to wait at least 1-2 hours before you get to talk to a live representative if you call the hotline while the turnaround time for email responses is 24-72 hours. If you're unlucky, you may get a resolution after a week. 

Thus, I am happy to share with you a workaround in case your Paypal to GCASH withdrawals fail. Instead of calling GCASH customer service, all you need to do is file a dispute through Paypal directly. 

Here are three (3) easy steps on how you can report directly to Paypal: 

Step #1: Login to your Paypal account and open the transaction details. On the lower right part of the screen, select "Report an issue" 

Step # 2: After clicking "Report an issue", a new window will open asking you what type of issue would you like to report. In this case, select " I didn't receive an item I purchase.

Step # 3: Provide details of your purchase. Select "Service, ticket or digital good." and on the provide additional information field, you can write "Gcash funds did not reflect on my account." then click submit. 

You should receive a confirmation regarding your report via email. Wait for feedback and resolution from Paypal. Based on my personal experience, I usually get an update and a completed fund reversal in just 1-2 hours. Once you see the funds available again, you may retry to withdraw via GCASH or simply use another withdrawal option. 

Here's a brief timeline on my GCASH incident report: 

via GCASH Email - I sent an email on June 28, 2019 with all the details. Had to follow up after 4 days (July 2) and got a response by July 8, 2019. Sadly, that is 10 days after my transaction. 

via Paypal - I sent my dispute around 11:13 AM on July 2 and got a full refund from Paypal by 12:58pm. :)  

Note: There are also instances that the pre-approved payments for GCASH will be canceled once you file a report against them. If this happens, all you need to do is just link back your Paypal account to your GCASH account via the GCASH app. 

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the exact processing time of the said report or request for funds reversal. Please follow these tips at your own discretion. 

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