Random Thoughts about staying AHEAD in Life: Schools and the Future

I am here at Bacolod - Silay International Airport waiting for my flight. If you are wondering where I am going, I am flying back to Cebu again to spend more time with my family.This is actually my 3rd trip to the Queen of the South within a month and I am very thankful that my current job allows me to travel anytime I want. 

For the past few weeks, Val and I are working on one of our passion projects. Since we have been very blessed, it's about time that we pay it forward. We want to help graduating students find their dream jobs. As we were discussing on how to address the gap that hinders them from having gainful employment, we found out that there are actually several factors affecting their success. 

Based on a study conducted by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), graduates of the top 3 educational institutions in the Philippines are hired faster and paid more by employers.

Most corporate recruiters and HR professionals will deny this but this is actually the hard truth. According to one of my favorite bloggers, Tina Perez of www.mrswise.tk, "We are living in a third-world country. And whether we like it or not, where our children graduated from matters a lot." (You can read more about her blog post, here.)

Luckily, I studied at Ateneo from kindergarten to college. So, based on my personal experience, finding a job was quite easy. I got invited to more interviews and got hired faster. Though HR professionals or recruiters won't really say it, I believe that my school has something to do with it and it was one of my advantages. I remember too when I applied to one of the biggest consumer brands here in the country, we were filling out an online application form and there was a dropdown of the list of schools. If you can't find your school on the list, you have no way to proceed with your application. We believed that was their discreet way of shortlisting applicants.When I was working as an online recruiter, I have clients who preferred and prioritized the graduates of the "big" schools for an interview. 

I realized that education is a huge investment but worth it. It is the best gift of a parent to his or her children. (So, Papa and Mama - if you are reading this, THANK YOU!) 

However, have you thought about what happens if one fails their college entrance exam? How will it affect a person's life? I had a friend who had the money but unfortunately, did not pass the exam in Ateneo. Thus, he was forced to enroll in another school. This detour has definitely changed the next 4 years or more of his life. 

Not getting in the "big" school does not necessarily mean doomsday. However, this means that at this crucial point of their lives, right before college, we should readily support our child's future by ensuring that they get accepted in a reputable school. Why take the risk when we can give them more? Enrolling them in a review center is one of the things that we can do for them.

Based on my research, one of the leading and most awarded tutorial and review center in the country is AHEAD TUTORIAL AND REVIEW. They are the first to offer Test-Based Reviews for the country’s most competitive admission exams, namely the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT), the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET), and the De La Salle University College Entrance Test (DLSUCET). They have been in the business since 1995 and have several branches in Metro Manila as well as in Baguio and Tuguegarao. 

AHEAD TUTORIAL AND REVIEW take pride in their learning programs where students not only prepare for academic excellence, they have also come to embrace their role as future leaders of the global community.

Their services include the following: 
  • Review Programs - These are designed to help students get into the university of their dreams. Their programs help students focus on their lessons, guide them towards topics to be studied, provide them with the right reference materials, and motivate them to study harder.
  • Tutorial Programs - These are one-on-one and small-group tutorial programs where students get undivided attention and care. Students are assigned tutors who match their personality and requirements. With the right support, children become all that they can possibly be.  
  • Online Programs - AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center has developed an online learning platform designed to help learners work through their everyday academic concerns. Through AHEAD Online, students can review for their exams, finish their homework, and study their lessons in advance in the comfort of their own home. Students will have one-on-one reviews with expert tutors through video-conferencing platforms in a clear and seamless manner. This is actually my favorite among their offerings. 
What I like about this center is that they have very good feedback from their students plus, their online programs is one of a kind. Making you maximize the sessions without being affected by external factors like traffic which will either get you so tired or lazy.

Anyway, I will be boarding the plane in a bit. Just share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you have more questions, you may email AHEAD directly at info@ahead.edu.ph or call them at (02) 426-0034 to 36 or 0917-89 (AHEAD) 24323. 


  1. You are blessed to have got the opportunity to avail best education. I liked how you thanked your parents for it. And yes companies do select on basis of schools and colleges. Better the education better are the chances.

  2. We, too, value education. We, however, do not have the resources to enrol our boys in review centers for that added help in their studies. I tutor them myself and.husband would sometimes bring him to his classes. He after all is a tutor himself for a review center.
    Two of our boys are now in high school and we encourage them to do good so they may land in a prestigious college. Yes, most companies consider applicants coming from prestigious schools.

  3. Even in our family, education is one of the greatest things in life. We even treasure it so much than money. Anyway, I've heard of AHEAD a lot of times and been hearing that they are really great! Though, of course, students should not depend solely on them but also do their part in excelling in the exams. You such a pure blue blood! Hahaha!

  4. Education is really important for my parents and we are very blessed for them to let us graduate all graduate this year since or bunso just graduated from UBC. A gold feather to the hat for them I must say - given the finances and all and especially when we were younger and all of us were still studying. I worked for HR and there are still companies who hire diversely based from experience and it also depends on the type of company (one of my previous employers prefer the school with known engineer graduates). I also chose a college in Alabang simply because they had my chosen course and I did not want to travel far when I was in college haha. Fortunately, I was able to land jobs I wanted. But, noticed that there are still companies, especially the local ones who prefer graduates from specified schools which these tutorials may be of help. More specifically, this will be helpful to students who have a specific course and school in mind and have the means to get these services to help them be prepared for college. Having online offerings are also a plus! :)

  5. Having the best education in the world is definitely one of the top privileges that one can ever receive. And we have our parents to bless us with this privilege. World over, I see so many parents cutting down on their comfort to ensure that their kids get the best possible education.

  6. I've heard about AHEAD and I believe that it helps a lot of people, especially students in pursuing the job that they want. Good for you that you are travelling how you want it without conflict on your job. I hope my job will provide that convenience too.

  7. It is so nice that even tutorials centers like AHEAD are taking their methods to a new level by embracing the new technology and internet. I think it is more convenient than taking those reviews on tutorial centers... AHEAD has been around for almost 2 decades and I guess that's good enough to prove how reliable they are ^_^ thanks for sharing

  8. Interesting! First time hearing about this, you're so blessed to have all these opportunities. Wishing you all the best!

  9. I have to admit that I have never heard for AHEAD before. But it really seems efficient and I love the fact they are using new technology for improving the methods. Education is crucial nowadays for various reasons. Proper education will give you better chances in life plus it will make you appreciate yourself more.

  10. I underwent AHEAD review program as well but it was held in our school. Depending on the person, it can be effective or not since the student has to help himself/herself too. But I really have to agree with you that being in a top university really helps one secure a job. I got in one and after applying, I easily got a job in just a week at a big company. So yes! If the student's parents have the financial capability to enroll their child in AHEAD, they should by all means do so.

  11. First, yup, school has a big impact on how fresh grad are being assessed. Maybe not all company look at this but at least most that I know looks at the student's background. I graduated at one of those big schools and even before graduation, me and batchmates already secured a job.

    second, for the review centers, even though it helps students, I think it is still the student's eagerness if he/she will get accepted. After all, this is where a student's life starts.

    But what about those people that's far from metro manila where these "big schools" are? what happens to them and does it mean that just because they are situated in rural area does it mean they don't have access to a bright future?

    I hope one day our educational system here in the Philippines improve and give opportunities to those who are not living in the metro.

  12. Heard so much about Ahead. I like their online program, too. Need not go to their place to review. Saves a lot of time traveling. But the student should really be attentive and diligent when enrolled in the online program.

  13. The best gift from parents to Children is education. Well said. Wonderful article and my wishes to you.

  14. Education is so important. It is the key to a better, more rewarding life in many cases. I've never heard of this program before but it sounds like they are doing great things.

  15. Hi, I totally agree with this. Although they won't admit it, the university where one graduates truly matters. I graduated from dlsu and I didn't have a hard time, when looking for a job. And, I know that the name of my school contributed a lot on this. As a matter of fact, the manager who interviewed me, also graduated from dlsu. She told me during the interview... So, yeap, I encourage every parent as well to check out some review centers for their kids, since it may define their future, who knows...

  16. I have to admit that in my country, the university that you finished doesn't really matter. I haven't once been asked for my diplomas or the name of my uni when I went for a job interview. What mattered were the skills I have. I have to say, it's quite sad to imagine that there are countries where the name of a university matters when you will apply for a him. It is sad to know that maybe some parents can't afford courses or certain universities for their children, even if they are gifted and excel in school.

  17. You are so blessed to have this kind of privilege. I pretty much worked on my own before college and studied in a state university. I used to think that hey, this is embarrassing and I didn't like the school but I had fun in that university and after graduation, it doesn't really matter where you graduate, good companies are still gonna go after skills. :) I might have talked way ahead of time. Hehe

  18. I am like your friend... :( My sister finished college in ADMU and that was my dream school. My parents had the ability to enroll me to Ateneo but I failed the entrance exam miserably. Reason? I did not prepare for it. I was too confident with my stock knowledge that I didn't even bother enrolling to a review center! I wish I did, though. I will surely show this post to my younger friends! Thank you for this :)

  19. I don't know but during my high school days, I did not seek any institution (like review centers) to pass my entrance exams (to college) and even those scholarships. While I am pretty sure that review centers help a lot, I am still confident with what my teachers taught me and with my own abilities. Maybe the education system now is far different from 15 years ago and there is really a need for a help from a third party.

  20. Ecucation is so important. It doesnt matter in which country you are: for everyone this is major improvement. I wish you all the best at school! The education system is always on the move and changing as we hope to develop in a positive way.

  21. You are really blessed with a good education. It's true that there are many companies who prioritize graduates from the "Big 3." But I understand why. many of the graduates we've hired form these schools can hit the ground running. They become leaders in the company in a short period of time.


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