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Friday, July 26, 2019

City Mayors who bring hope for man's best friend

As a mom of 3 dogs, I have always been concerned about animal welfare. My heart bleeds every time I see a dog or a cat abandoned, abused or worse, killed. As an individual, I can only do so much - like adopting or fostering a dog, donating to animal shelters and volunteering. 

For many years, I have always wondered what the government is doing to protect these poor creatures. There are a lot of stories where city dog pounds are just like "hell." The LGU workers assigned do not really care about the dogs. Many would even say that the dogs in the pound do not have food because the city does not have a budget. We also heard a lot of horror stories as to how the city dog pound euthanizes the dogs. They do not really care about how much pain they suffer. What matters is that they get rid of the dogs. For me, it was inhumane. 

Don't you think these poor voiceless creatures also have the right to live? Are they the ones who should pay for the irresponsible actions of their previous owners? Why is the government not doing anything for their welfare? 

However, today I found hope when I read the story circulating online about a dog slaughtered and eaten near the port area in Tondo, Manila. It is such a relief that this time the government did not turn a blind eye on the incident. Mayor Isko Moreno through some PNP men responded in less than an hour and the suspect was apprehended and is currently detained. 

Source: Isko Moreno FB Page

Last July 26, Mayor Isko had a meeting with some animal rights group and he gave an assurance that "There will be a place for them" while showing the plans for a new city pound. 

Here in the Visayas region. we learned that the newly elected Mayor Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas Jr. has ordered department heads to make Talisay City, Cebu a pet-friendly city. 

Source: Office of the City Mayor
The huge open area at the Talisay City Hall is now open to our pet dogs and cats for them to get some exercise. Mayor Samsam believes that the welfare of our pets is also important. Pet owners just need to get a pet pass from the City Veterinary Office by showing their dog's unexpired vaccination records for them to enjoy the city hall grounds.

While researching, we also learned that the Talisay City LGU has been implementing other projects for our dearly beloved pets. They also offer FREE spay and neuter services (which is uncommon for most LGUs because they say it is expensive and there is no budget), FREE rabies vaccination, deworming and even vitamin supplementation. 

They even celebrate a Pet Day headed by the City where there are free veterinary services, a pet blessing, pet fashion show and IEC campaigns on animal welfare. 

Now we can't help but think: what if we have more government officials like this? Can the world be a safer place for both humans and animals? We currently do not have the answers but we are just so happy to find an ally with these local chief executives. We can now start hoping for the best for our furry friends.

If you know any outstanding local government initiatives for our pets, feel free to message us at so, we can add and update this post. 

Feel free to share this post to inspire others especially government officials. Thank you! 


  1. Hoping that other LGUs - especially bacolod and Talisay, Neg occ will do the same.

  2. I'm also concerned about animal welfare. Animals need and deserve quality care too!