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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Fish & Tips : The Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Perfect Hotel Accommodation

Travel planning is both fun and challenging. Getting cheap airline tickets is now possible as long as you book early. Budget airlines have been offering really low fares. A few months ago, we were able to score roundtrip tickets to Japan for approximately $50 per person. Thus, we're so excited to visit Tokyo Disneyland, eat chankonabe, have a glimpse of the majestic Mt. Fuji and even take a ride in shinkansen

Hotel accommodation is another story. We don't really go for the cheapest. Instead, we make sure that it's adequate, safe and comfortable. Since this will be our first time to visit, we really do not have any idea where to stay. This is why we're very happy to discover Fish & Tips. 

Fish & Tips is the most detailed and comprehensive hotel review website. It features 300+ real hotel lodging experience articles in Japan including luxury hotels.

It covers the different features and important details that every traveler wishes to know. Some of their reviews even provide more information compared to the hotel's official website. 

Since it is based on actual experience, the information shared including the pictures (which are not filtered) seems to be more reliable. 

The website's interface is user-friendly that searching for a hotel is just a breeze. The hotels featured have been categorized according to location. There's also a search bar on the homepage for your quick searches. 

Latest Explicit Reviews can be readily found on the homepage as well. 

If you are planning a vacation and want more information about your hotel, then check out their website at By the way, they do not only feature hotels in Japan but also other hotels across the world.  

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