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Monday, January 6, 2020

Everybody Loves Munchers Cafe

Many café shops have been sprouting like mushrooms in my local community. In our main street alone, you can see around 7 small spots naming themselves as a café. Because of this trend, some small restaurants or "turo-turo" style of ordering food (pre-cooked food for sale displayed in a transparent cabinet, wherein a customer needs to point the dish or viand he/she wishes to order) or even small stores selling delicacies and food have the word "café" attached to their names. 

But what really is a café or café shop? According to Wikipedia, café is a type of restaurant that typically serves coffee and tea as well as light refreshments such as baked goods or snacks. It is a place where you can find people reading newspapers or magazines, studying or chatting with others about current events. 

With the rise of social media, mobile phones, and lifestyle changes, a café is also now used as a venue for small meetings and gatherings or just a place to chill out to stay online. By this definition, we can only count a handful number of "legitimate" cafes in Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

Munchers Café is one of the few café shops that fit the definition to a "T". Aside from hot coffee, it also serves cold drinks such as milkshake and milk tea. They also offer our all-time favorite comfort food such as nachos, fries, sandwiches and rice meals. 

Since it started its operation last November 15, 2019, this neighborhood café has slowly gained popularity among its local clientele. Most of them are students from Notre Dame Talisay, Technological University of the Philippines and Carlos Hilado Memorial State College and the residents and professionals living within the vicinity of Carmela Valley Homes. 

And here are some the things that they love about Munchers Café: 

Airconditioned Interior 

Everybody loves to eat comfortably in an airconditioned room. The café shop has 2HP aircon and a sleek electric fan that can make the area cool, especially during lunchtime, which understandably, is jampacked with students. 

Though it's certainly jampacked during lunchtime. Regular customers can definitely enjoy a visit during non-peak hours and on Saturdays, one can leisurely sip his/her freshly-brewed coffee or munch their best-seller nacho fries served with special garlic dip. 

Instagrammable Walls 

When you enter the place, you are greeted with minimal decorations and basic and neutral color palettes, making it more relaxing and cooler to the eyes. It also gives an illusion of space making the area look a lot bigger. 

No wonder a lot of customers enjoy taking a selfie or a groupie with the wall decorations as a backdrop. They also installed a life-sized mirror where you can fix yourself before snapping a photo. 

Budget-Friendly Meals 

We are all budget-hunters. It is always our practice to haggle for a bargain whenever we buy something. Luckily, no special skills or charm is needed at Munchers Café just to get a good deal. The rates as adjusted in such a way that it is reasonable and affordable for the average "Juan". Can you imagine getting a Grilled Sandwich for P30.00? or a Nacho-Fries Combo, overflowing with Garlic Sauce for a measly price of P60.00? 

See menu for complete product offering and prices: 

Strategic Location 

This cozy place is located in front of Notre Dame, so that when you have kids studying there, you may drop by this place, order some snacks while waiting for your child's dismissal. If you are the religious type, you may pass by the Carmela Valley Chapel, situated at the adjacent part of the school to say a prayer or spend some quiet time with God. 

Going to the Talisay Public Market is not a problem. Probably, after finishing your Pork Belly Sisig Meal, just call a tricycle in front of the store. They are on call and the tricycle man will take you there within a few minutes. 


Looking for a place to chill out after a hectic day in school? Or you may want to meet-up with a friend? Munchers Café allows students to bond more or maybe do their assignments or projects over milk teas or milkshakes. Moreover, since the place is strategically located just before going inside the residential area of Carmela Valley Homes, it is an ideal place for a meet-up. 

Small Parties/Events 

If you are a small group of 15 to 25 persons and need a small space for your party or meeting, then you might want to consider Munchers Café.  Get to enjoy reasonably-priced food and exclusive use of the café for you and your guests. For inquiries, you may contact 0933-2117689.

Aice Ice Cream 

You may want to try this newest craze – the cheaper alternative to the bigger and established ice cream brands.  It really tastes good and super affordable. My favorite is the Chocolate Crispy sold at Php 20 though other flavors are available for as low as Php 10 only. 

Other exciting things are coming for Munchers Cafe in 2020. You visit them at Door No. 3, B Building, Cor. Capt. Sabi Santa Monica St Carmela Valley Homes, Talisay City. Make sure to follow them on FB at for updates and upcoming events. :) 


  1. Thank you for featuring Munchers Cafe in this blog. I am sure our customers will find the information here useful. Regards.

  2. That milk tea sounds delicious! This would be a neat place to check out - I definitely want to try that watermelon bubble tea!