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Monday, February 8, 2021

Hope in a Box: Get your own limited edition merchandise from Davao's Top Fashion and Design Creatives and Artisans

by Jon J. Nuñez

When the health crisis hit the country almost a year ago, among the most affected are the communities of artisans in the different parts of Davao region. Most of these creative people are members of the lumads or ethnic tribes of Region XI. 

Unknown to many, the Davao Fashion and Design Council (DFDC) have been partnering with these artistic folks by way of commissioning their weavers, beaders, and sewers to create world-class creations that are a big hit around the country and even globally.  

Alas, the pandemic came, the fashion industry is among the first to be told to cancel events as it would entail the gathering of crowds-- such as fashion shows and exhibits. Thus, the Philippine Fashion Coalition (PFC) headed by Manila fashion directors, designers, models, and behind the scenes production staff, have been doing fundraising drives ever since last year. This time, through the partnership of DFDC, comes the Box of Hope

By supporting this project, we can help the displaced creatives and artisans of the fashion industry, especially the community of sewers, beaders, and weavers. For every purchase of Box of Hope, you help put food on the table for the family. A Box of Hope consists of a Kadayawan Bomber Jacket, 3 Kadayawan Masks, and a limited edition Araw Brooch for only Php 10,000. 

To order please send a private message to DFDC designers Edgar Buyan, Dodjie Batu, Emi Englis, or Benjie Panizales.

We would appreciate if you can share this post. Thank you for your support! 

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