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Monday, February 8, 2021

Why is Philhealth the ONLY Government Entity Without an Online Payment Facility for Voluntary Members?

UPDATE: Philhealth now has an online payment system for self-paying individuals. 

2020 was the year where most businesses, institutions, and organizations have shifted to online or digital platforms. Online classes were implemented. E-commerce has taken a huge leap and the use of digital wallets such as GCASH, Paymaya, and other online payment facilities has never been this popular.

These initiatives and lifestyle changes took place as a response to the government's and health experts' call to stay at home and avoid unnecessary trips. So, this made me wonder Why is Philhealth the ONLY Government Entity Without an Online Payment Facility for Voluntary Members?

For weeks, I have been researching how I can pay my voluntary contribution to Philhealth without going out of the house, and sad to say, I had no luck finding one. We haven't gone out for over a year (literally!) and that's how serious we are about staying at home so, going to the nearest Philhealth office is not a good option for us. 

I was able to read about the Moneygment app but based on the latest update, it is currently available. 

According to Philhealth's website, they have several accredited service partners who accept online payment however, when we checked it seems that these are for corporate accounts/ employers as it has been asking for a corporate/ company code, corporate name, etc.  

Given that is attached to the Department of Health, do you think it should be one of the key agencies looking after our welfare and safety? 

Do you think they should be the first institution to offer these online services so that people so, that it is possible for people to follow their advice to stay at home?

For now, I still have no clue how and where I can pay my Philhealth contribution without leaving our house. If you know a way on how to make an online payment for Philhealth, please share it in the comments below. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you! :) 


  1. For now, I think it is still over-the-counter payment for our Philhealth premium contribution. Saklap ano.!!

  2. You can ask someone to pay for you. They can pay via payment centers like malls. Thats what i do.