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Saturday, February 20, 2021

5 Disney-Themed Activities To Do with Family at Home

We know you miss Disneyland as much as we do and this is why we are going to share with you ideas and activities that will blow your blues away.   

The best part? This is free and you can do this in the comforts of your home. So, without further ado, Let's get started! 

1. Be a Castle Architect - Pick up your scissors and design your own castle. Just download this free Disney printable from HK Disneyland. You can pick between a simple castle layout or an advanced castle layout. Grab your castle guide here 

2. Brush up on your Coloring Skills - Disneyland has a lot of free printables of coloring sheets featuring your favorite Disney characters. It includes Disney princesses, Pixar characters from Toy Story and Finding Nemo as well as our classic Disney favorites. Download the free printables here

3. Binge-watch on Disney shows - Disneyland Paris has been organizing watch parties since December last year and you can enjoy watching these magical shows at home. 

4. Learn how to cook the Ratatouille - I have always been curious about this famous recipe of Gusteau's so this is the perfect time to learn how to prepare this nostalgic dish that impressed Anton Ego. No other than Michelin-starred French chef Jean Imbert will teach us how. Click here to start the tutorial

5. Discover Wakatoon - Through this activity, you can watch your own paper coloring pages come to life through the app. Enjoy the magic as you create a personalized, two-minute cartoon that will teach children an important lesson about recycling. Yes, it sounds exciting to make our own cartoons and see them come to life.

That's it for now! Comment below on what activity are you interested in or if you have any other Disney-themed ideas. :) 


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  1. Great ideas!! Such fun activities to do.

  2. All activities are really fun and can be educational as well. Learning how to build your own castle and then learn to cook with Ratatouille are my favorite.

  3. Those are some wonderful Disney themed ideas and fun activities as well. I am quite curious about that Ratatouille dish and is interested in trying to make one.