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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Celebration at Fairview Terraces : Was it a Yay or a Nay?

We were expecting heavy traffic last Sunday because of the influx of returning travelers from their Holy Week escapade. Thus, we decided to join the Easter Celebration at Fairview Terraces instead which was very close to our home. 

I have always loved Fairview Terraces however, I was pretty disappointed how things were yesterday. In order to get a pass for their Easter activities at the Activity Center, you need to purchase at least Php 500 non-food items. With this purchase requirement, I decided to buy something I do not really need in order to get in. Claiming the tickets was easy and there was no line since claiming started a few days before the celebration. 

Based on their poster, there would be a fair, craft room, kitchen room and an egg hunting activity. 


At exactly 2pm, they opened the activity center. All kids were given loot bags full of candies. 

We were asked to fall in line however I have noticed that the line was not followed because they allowed people to claim the loot bags even without falling in line. However, we did not mind it. The kids were so excited to get inside. They were offering two activities: cupcake decorating and bunny masks. 

When we got in, you can notice that people were in a rush to get seats. My kids were lucky to find seats while the rest had to seat on the floor because there were not enough tables and chairs. According to their signage, they were expecting around 200 participants each activity but only provided 6 tables good for 24 participants.

Nonetheless, the activity must go on. Here are some few scenes of the Easter Celebration. 

Mommy and Baby bonding. 

This kid is busy decorating his cupcake. 
Youngest participant

Best Bunny Costume
As you can see, almost everyone was sitting on the floor and had no proper tables to work on. Another sad thing was there was a shortage of arts and craft materials. The cut outs were not yet prepared and finding a glue for the cut outs was a challenge. 

Egg hunting was another story. It was scheduled at 3pm. While waiting, the kids, Val and I decided to have a snack first. They said that the egg hunting is not open to public and only those who have tickets can join. By 3pm, we went back to the garden area to join the hunt but unfortunately, it started late. When we arrived, the eggs are not yet ready because apparently, they were not able to secure the place and the eggs hidden early in the morning were lost. They would have to hide the eggs again but I found this useless because we can see them hiding the eggs. 

After a few minutes, there was no clear go-signal that the egg hunting activity has started. We were just so shocked that adults and kids just started running and was "egg picking." Even adults who did not have passes, were able to join. I just felt it was really poorly organized. There was no thrill of finding the eggs. It was more of a battleground for whoever can run and pick up the eggs fastest.

We should have gone somewhere else for the Easter Sunday celebration. The passes maybe FREE but still there was a purchase requirement so, I hope they could have done a better job with it to provide a genuine fun activity for the kids and not just for the sake of saying there was an activity. A short program would have been very much appreciated too. 

How about you? Where did you have your Easter Celebration? 

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