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Friday, April 24, 2015

Medicard: A Must-Have for Every Freelancer

Working from home as a freelancer was one of the best decisions that I had made in 2013. I was able to say goodbye to the horrors of everyday commute while earning more compared to my old job. It was a dream come true. 

In May 2014, my fairy tale ended when I got a very bad attack of asthma and needed to see the doctor. I realized I did not have my HMO card anymore which was a benefit from my previous employer. The consultation fee alone was Php 750 plus the tests. I am not used to paying for medical expenses and I just felt it was money down the drain. 

I was thinking, "What if I did not have money?", "Do I have to wait for payday before I can see a doctor?" It is such a nightmare to be sick and broke at the same time. Immediately, I decided I am getting a personal plan from one of HMOs so, I did my research and found out that these plans are not cheap. Definitely worth the investment but not cheap. 

Then, I had to go back to the doctor again for another consultation and at this rate, I realized that I wouldn't be able to save enough to get my personal plan. MEDICAL EXPENSES + BILLS = NO SAVINGS! 

Luckily, I found out about the Medicard RX Health Plus. For just Php 1,100, I am able to get unlimited free consultations with primary care physicians and some specialists such as general surgeon, obstetrician gynecologist, pediatrician, family medicine, general practitioner and general internist for one year. (That's Php 750 savings for me every visit) plus it includes FREE annual physical examination and FREE dental prophylaxis. 

The best thing about it is that I was able to use it immediately upon purchase of the plan (yes, same day!) And since my doctor also required me to have CBC and Chest X-Ray, I also availed the APE so, that I won't have to pay for those tests. So, basically I got the value for what I have paid for the same day I purchased it. 

I have the peace of mind that I can visit the doctor anytime I need to because I can use this card for one year! I am also eligible for 20% discount on all laboratory and diagnostic tests, surgeries, and dental procedures. Plus, these outpatient services can be availed in all Medicard free standing clinics which is all over the Metro Manila. This is definitely a must-have for every freelancer if you cannot afford the full HMO plan. 

It is such a blessing that MediCard, a pioneer and the best HMO in the country for 28 years (Yes, its celebrating its 28th anniversary this May) is providing us with very affordable and quality healthcare. We no longer have to worry in times of medical crisis because they make sure that everyone can enjoy RX Health Plus with no provisions for hierarchy, status and family relationships. 

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About MediCard 

Medicard, the only HMO run and founded by doctors also offers a comprehensive health care program for its members which includes emergency care, hospital confinement, preventive health care, dental care and out-patient consultation services.  Its members have access to more than 40,000 accredited doctors, specialists and dentists in almost 1,000 accredited hospitals and clinics nationwide. It is the first HMO awarded with ISO certification in the Asia Pacific Region. 

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