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Monday, April 6, 2015

Animal Neglect is a Form of Animal Cruelty.

Being an animal lover is not about wanting to have animals in your home. Being a true animal lover is being capable of taking good care of them, being responsible for their welfare FOREVER, keeping them safe and not neglecting them when they are old and sick. It does not end by giving them food and water but it is about spending time with them, making them feel secured and loved. We should always keep in mind that we are the only ones they have.

I started being a "REAL" pet parent almost 10 years ago. I was given a puppy and named him Crumpy. 

This little furbaby had totally changed my view about animal welfare. I was able to see that they are not simply "animals." They are living creatures with feelings, needs and "mind." He can understand what is happening.  Being together made me realized these things.

Whenever we say we'll be going out to the mall, I can see and feel his excitement. He knows what "mall" "SM" and "alis." is all about. 

He is sociable and wants to make new friends. So, it is never a good thing to just keep them inside a cage. 

I have also read somewhere that dogs have self esteem so, it is very important for them to be clean and pampered because they will feel bad about themselves if they are dirty and smelly. 

Just like us, Crumpy also gets excited with special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. (By the way, Crumpy will be celebrating his birthday this Wednesday, April 8) 

Lastly, He also gets tired thus, it is very important that we provide them a good and comfortable place to sleep and rest. 

I just realized that somehow they are just like humans only with four legs and cannot talk. Deep inside, there is a little creature that deserves to be loved and respected. 

In time of the Animal Cruelty Prevention Month, I am inviting and encouraging everybody to take a stand against animal abuse. Let us start in our own backyards. Do you have a family, relative or friend who had been very busy and started neglecting their pets? Remind them about their pets. We should keep in mind that animal neglect is a form of animal cruelty. You may not be kicking your dog or cat but if you don't feed them right and not taking good care of them, what's the difference between the two? 

I am pleading for everyone to become responsible pet owners. This responsibility is FOREVER. If you are not ready for the next 10-15 years to be with your pet. Please don't get one. They may be very cute and irresistible as a puppy but be prepared that they will not stay that way forever. Keep in mind that both young and old dogs give us the same love and joy.  

If you have a big heart and can do this, there are a lot of dogs in the pound who are waiting for you. There are a lot of animal welfare groups that you can support through by adopting, fostering, volunteering and donating. 

Here are some organizations in the Philippines or you may check local organizations in your area. 

Let us become the voice for the voiceless. If you see something wrong in your local communities, please do something about. Please do not just keep quiet and ignore. Urge your local government to help in protecting them. 
Remember: We are the only ones they got! 

Let's go Orange and make a difference. Share this badge as a sign of your commitment. 


For more details about the #LetsGoOrange campaign, visit their facebook page.  

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