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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Online Jobs that you can take using your Mobile Internet

If you want to start your online freelancing career, one of the top requirements is having a stable internet. Ideally, you need to have a DSL or Fiber internet connection from a reliable service provider. 

Here in the Philippines, our major internet service providers are PLDT, Globe, Converge (available in some areas) and Skycable. DSL Plans start at Php 1,299 and is usually bundled with phone service. 

I had no problem with my internet service not until we moved to our new place. When I requested for our internet service to be moved to our new home last year, I was informed that the place was unserviceable. OMG! That is definitely a nightmare for an online worker like me. My biggest concern was "How can I work?" 

Moving to another house was not an option nor renting an office as it will defeat the purpose of me working from home. Our only option was to get mobile internet which I can use through a prepaid wifi modem or the tethering feature of my phone. 

We opted for a prepaid wifi modem however, this limited me with the type of online jobs and projects that I could take. With the unreliable connection, slow internet speed, and data cap, I had to say no to jobs that required me to take calls, make video chats or use a dedicated software or CRM.

On the bright side, I was able to discover a few more jobs and online gigs that's possible with mobile internet, and let me share them with you. 

1. Transcription - Whether it's legal, medical, or general transcription, one can take transcription projects.  Just download the audio file and you can now start working on it using a transcription software like Express Scribe. It does not need an internet connection to work. The only thing you need to do is upload your finished output upon completion. 

2. Blog Commenting/ Syndication Threads Support - If you are someone who's keen to become a Virtual Assistant for Bloggers, then providing syndication threads support is one of the services that you can offer. This usually involves activities such as blog shares, blog commenting, Facebook commenting, Facebook likes, Instagram follow for follows, and a lot more. Actually, you can also complete these tasks using your mobile phone. 

** By the way, if you are a blogger and would like to hire an assistant, I would be happy to help you. Just email me at  

3. Content Writing - Aside from doing a little research, using the plagiarism checker and Grammarly, you do not really need a fast internet connection to finish a content writing job. Just make sure that you have a way to communicate with your client and submit your completed article. And you're all set. 

4. General Virtual Assistance - As a general VA, the list of tasks is so diverse as you can be assigned to handle the different facets of the business. Just like what I mentioned earlier, as long as you are not required to do calls, video chats and you are not required to upload a lot of files, then you still have a shot of being a VA with your mobile internet. 

Some of the VA tasks that you can handle are email support, scheduling, data entry, and simple research, bookkeeping (as long as you don't use the online version), graphic design,  social media management, etc. 

So, in case you don't have a DSL or Fiber internet connection yet at home, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. There are a lot of online job opportunities that you can consider. Just like Bruce Nauman said, If you really want to do it, You do it. There are no excuses.

P.S. You can make use of this type of internet service to work but once you have to opportunity to upgrade to DSL or Fiber, please do so because having a reliable internet will certainly help you improve your productivity as an online worker. 

I am also happy to share that this 2020 we already have DSL at home. 


  1. Indeed job set-up is evolving. I am glad I learned many online jobs that require limited internet connection.

  2. I definitely enjoy my new job as a VA. It's so nice to be able to work anywhere I can use my phone.

  3. We had a similar issue when we moved from one state to the next. Funny how coverage changes even when they say it's available. Being able to work from home (or anywhere with internet access) is a blessing.

  4. These are wonderful suggestions for how to make income online!

  5. Great list I keep trying to do the transcription but it can get hard to get approved.

  6. These are some great areas that you have listed for working from home option. I didn't realize so many options can be worked on without a strong net connection.

  7. Thank you soooooo much ms clarice for this post. Its an eye opener for us.

  8. These are all great suggestions on working from home. I am a blogger, and having a reliable internet connection is so important.

  9. These are all great ideas! I love how it really is possible to make extra income right from your mobile phone!