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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Zoom is now available on Upwork

A couple of years ago, I remember I was so confused when a potential client invited me for an interview via Zoom. I was scared and hesitant because of Upwork's policy on Circumvention. 

According to Upwork’s User Agreement, clients and freelancers prohibited from circumventing Upwork during the first two years of their relationship. This means that when a client and freelancer meet on Upwork, they should not conduct their relationship outside of the platform. Any violation will lead to account suspension.

To be safe, freelancers are encouraged to complete all negotiations/ interview inside the platform. After all, Upwork has a messaging, voice, and video calling feature. 

Anyway, we are happy to share that Zoom meetings are now available at Upwork. This just made collaboration easier since a lot of clients really prefer Zoom. 

To use Zoom on Upwork, simply access your Upwork Messages and select "Zoom Meeting" from the call button and a meeting link will initiate in the Messages room. This is available for all Upwork customers and there is no need for your own Zoom account to use it.

You may read full details, here.


  1. Zoom has been a COVID lifeline! Love that it is getting even more accessible!

  2. This is great to know! I would like to start using zoom to teach my niece how to play guitar.

  3. Zoom gas helped me a lot in communicating with clients and stay updated with the team.

  4. That is an interesting update. It is good to be able to use zoom.