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Thursday, October 1, 2020

UNITOP now offers Online Delivery Service

UNITOP has been our go-to store for really cheap finds. It is like a treasure box of items that you usually see in malls but at a significantly lower price. Thus, Val and I make sure to drop by in this store from time to time to purchase or home essentials such as floor rugs, dishwashing sponge, garbage bags, etc. 

Last year, we were able to score really cute Christmas decors. Just like this reindeer standee that we got for only 100 pesos.   

Anyway, we are happy to share to UNITOP now offers ONLINE DELIVERY SERVICE. This means that we can now purchase your essentials, household items, gifts, decors, etc by simply making a call or through a few clicks on your phone or computer. 

This is very timely and practical since we are continuously encouraged to stay at home. Not to mention, they also offer FREE DELIVERY within Bacolod City for a minimum purchase of Php 500 only. 

UNITOP currently doesn't have a website but you can visit their Facebook page to see the available items and prices. We have seen various posts for household items, Christmas decors, electronics, clothes, etc. You can also ask the sales representative for other items that you are looking for. 

How to order? 

There are 2 ways to order: 

1. Send them a message via Facebook Messenger
2. Contact them at 0917-9935023/ 034-4608311

You can check full details, here.

Anyway, we are yet to try their service so, we will update this post once we have tried ordering from them. If you have tried their service, feel free to share your experience below. 

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