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Friday, August 28, 2015

Finding our perfect home involved different emotions INSIDE OUT!

Relocating to a new place and finding our perfect home in Bacolod brought Val and me different emotions. 

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There was JOY and excitement for a new adventure. I was thrilled about getting our perfect home and ecstatic to start decorating.  A new neighborhood to meet new friends and a lot of places to explore. 

Though we were able to visit this city a couple of times, there are so much things we are looking forward to. 

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However, moving away also brought us SADNESS. It means that we're going to miss our old house, our friends and family. I am going to miss the events in Metro Manila, our favorite restaurants, food and stores. 

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There was also FEAR that what if we can't find our perfect home.  We were also scared that maybe it was not a right decision to relocate. What if life is going to be difficult and opportunities would be so few. There was FEAR of the unknown and the possibilities that might happen. 

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Regardless of the mixed emotions, we are bound to make the decision. First, we need to look for a house where we could stay. Initially, we relied on buy and sell groups in facebook. Unfortunately, this brought me DISGUST. Some sellers are so unprofessional, they don't reply  nor provide information about the property. We kept on waiting and realized we were just wasting our time. 

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I was so angry that I realized that we need more options. We need to get in touch with different sellers and check out their properties as soon as possible because we are just left a few weeks before the move. 

And Thank God, I found about Property24. It is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines and it was very helpful in finding our #PerfectHome. Now, let me share to you some of the properties we saw. 

1. 4 Bedroom House and Lot in Brgy. Tangub - It was a foreclosed property priced at Php1,130,000 with a lot area of 350 sq. meters and 165 sq meter floor area. I love that is really near my husband's workplace and price is within our budget. More details here: 
2.  Lot at Glenwood Park Subdivision - It is a 200 sq meter property for only Php 601,000. This is not our primary option but we were thinking just renting out first during house construction. We are interested with Glenwood Park because this is one of the most secured subdivisions in the city. More details here: 
3. Lot at Brgy. Alijis - It is a 300 sq meter property which is near to my dad's place but would take some time to have our home built. We like that this place is not yet to crowded plus price is way below the market value so, it's a big discount. More details here: 
4. 4 Bedroom House and Lot in Brgy. Mandalagan - This is such a beautiful and big property featuring a 2-storey house with a fascinating design. Its location is just perfect but price is way above our budget. The house is so beautiful and aircon is centralized. It also has its own filtration system which is important because of the water condition in the city.  More details here: 
5. Lot at Ayala North Point - I really love this location since it's near to malls and the airport. They have several options here in terms of area from 350-1000 sq meters. More details here:

Other things I like about Property 24 is capability to filter minimum and maximum prices. This makes the search faster because you can directly work with your budget and you can also Apply for Home Finance where they can assist you in home financing and you can just send out an inquiry through the website. 

So, can you guess which property we got? Are you also looking for your perfect home?
Visit because finding your perfect home just got easier  and possible without going crazy with your emotions inside and out. #PerfectHome  #Property24  #Property24PH 

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